County Board opposes Walker budget plan regarding bargaining

The Kenosha County Board adopted a resolution Tuesday opposing Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to reduce collective bargaining power for state employees to only wages as a way to address anticipated budget deficits.

The resolution passed 19-9.

The marathon meeting saw a packed audience section and multiple citizens expressing their views. Here’s some video of opinions from citizens at the meeting gathered for by freelance journalist Mike Gordon:

One Response to County Board opposes Walker budget plan regarding bargaining

  • Dave says:

    I find it interesting how many people keep giving larger and larger numbers of people that will need to be laid off due to the bill not passing. In the first days it was up to 3,000, then 6,000 now they are claiming 10,000. If the governor accepted the deal the unions provided no layoff’s would have to occur as all the financial burden would have been removed. This bill is not a budget repair bill this is a bill that moves forward the agenda of the republican party by busting unions, allowing privatization (which does not save money) of government functions and decreasing the care provided to our citizens. If this bill passes it truly will be a race to the bottom for Wisconsin.

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