Intergovernmental agreement with Menominee extended

At tonight’s Kenosha Common Council meeting, several representatives of the Menominee Indian Tribe were present to speak on behalf of the request for a second extension of the intergovernmental agreement between the city, county and the tribe regarding a casino at the Dairyland Greyhound Track site.

Randal Chevalier, the tribal chairman, introduced himself and the rest of the representatives:  Myrna Warrington, vice chair; Laurie Boivin, legislature; Eric Olson, and an attorney.

Alderperson David Bogdala said that, after lengthy discussion and debate at the Finance Committee meeting earlier tonight, the intergovernmental agreement was extended for 30 days, enough time for the City Attorney’s Office to draft an extension. Bogdala stated he would be voting against the proposal to properly represent the majority of his constituents.

Alderperson Jan Michalski asked the question: “Has there been any movement recently indicating that this is more likely to happen than six months ago?”  Chevalier replied that the tribe was recently granted permission by the court to add documentation to the record. Michalski then said that he will be voting for the extension.

Alderperson Ray Misner stated that he didn’t want people to “get too comfortable in believing in hope.” Misner didn’t think that waiting on Washington and the governor while this dire situation is happening with jobs for people was the right thing to do. He asked for any back-up plans. He stated that he has been in support of this project for a very long time, and that he doesn’t think the governor will support this project.

“In 30 days, will they be asking for another extension?” Misner asked.  “There is no excuse for the amount of time that Washington and Madison have taken on this. Government moves slow. In the meantime, people are losing their homes and their jobs.”  He stated that he is in support of the 30-day extension, but would like to hear discussions on alternative ideas.

“We need certainty, not just hope,” Misner said,

The Common Council approved the extension, 15 to 1, with Bogdala voting against.


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