City to deny claims from house explosion

Photo by Earlene Frederick

The Kenosha city government has issued a statement today saying that it will be denying claims regarding the Jan. 10 explosion of a vacant city owned house at 55th Street and 22nd Avenue because an investigation appears to point to “illegal acts of unknown third parties” as the cause of the explosion.


The city’s position was laid out in a press release available in full on the city’s website.

The statements says:

  • An investigation shows 60 to 80 feet of copper tubing was removed from the home connecting the air conditioner coil and the exterior condenser unit. “This finding would indicate that an act of vandalism, theft and an illegal entry occurred between the city’s on-site inspection of Jan. 7 and the explosion on Jan. 10.”
  • Gas usage spiked dramatically on Monday, before the explosion, according to utility company records.

The statement concludes: “All property owners that have experienced damage to their property as a result of the explosion should submit claims with their insurance carrier to protect and restore their property from this criminal act.”

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