Construction on Highway 165 to begin

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The State Department of Transportation will resume construction on State Highway 165 surrounding County Highway EZ (39th Avenue) in Pleasant Prairie this month.

Road closures to accommodate the work were to take effect today. The entire intersection of Highway 165 and 39th Avenue will be closed to traffic, extending both north and south of the intersection on 39th Avenue and east and west of the intersection on Highway 165.

The intersection is expected to remain closed through late June or early July.

State highway and truck traffic will be detoured north to State Highway 50 between Highways 31 (Green Bay Road) and 32 (Sheridan Road) for east/west access across the area. Local traffic will have access to local east/west roads in the village, including: 116th Street to the south, and 93rd and 85th Streets to the north. Local traffic will have north/south access to Highways ML (Springbrook Road), 31 (Green Bay Road) and 32 (Sheridan Road). Access to existing properties in the work area should be maintained throughout the duration of the project. If any access will be restricted, the project contractor will notify property owners 24 hours in advance.

Following work at the intersection of 39th Avenue, the DOT will begin construction at the intersection of Highway ML (Springbrook Road) and Highway 165. Work includes the construction of four vehicle lanes, separated by a raised median and complemented by bicycle lanes. Two roundabouts will be installed, the first at 39th Avenue and the second at Springbrook Road.

The DOT has started using roundabouts throughout the state to create slower traffic speeds and fewer conflict points to reduce accidents that  cause serious injury.

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