Secondhand shop will have to reapply for license

Paula Blise, the City’s Zoning Coordinator, spoke at the Licensing & Permit Committee Meeting Monday regarding the application of Bonnie Mirkiewicz, for a Secondhand Article Dealer License, for the shop Forever Grateful, located at 5000 Seventh Avenue.

The shop has not received its certificate of occupancy yet. Blise observed that they were operating last Wednesday, and they were still open Monday.

The Committee voted unanimously to deny the application and have the applicant start over on the process.

Assistant City Attorney Matthew Knight stated that there were two issues here: one, being that the business was open without an occupancy certificate and two, being that the business was operating without the proper license. Chairman Ray Misner spoke to Alderperson Ted Ruffolo, and Ruffolo expressed his concerns about the business operating illegally. Alderperson Patrick Juliana moved that the committee deny the application and let the applicant re-apply after meeting all necessary criteria. The Chairman agreed. Alderperson Larry Green stated that he was “tired of seeing businesses go in and operate illegally. We need to start to take a stand on it.”

The Committee questioned Mirkiewicz as to when the lease began. She replied that the lease began on April 1. She stated that she was told that once all of her inspections were completed, she could start operating. Chairman Misner stated that she must have misunderstood. He stated that “we can’t reward people for violating the city’s ordinances and operating without licenses.

Chairman Misner wondered if the Committee’s decision was severe enough. He mentioned having the applicant wait 30 days before re-applying. He cautioned Mirkiewicz to not repeat the same mistake again.

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