Public entertainment license denied for rec club

The application of Yolanda Green-DeRosier for a public entertainment license located at the Children’s Recreational Club DF8, at 3010 Roosevelt Road, was denied by the Kenosha Common Council Monday night.

Alderperson Ray Misner said whenever kids are involved with alcohol, it raises concerns with the police department, staff, etc. He still believes that there is a level of confusion with the owners’ thinking. He wanted the assurance of the applicant that no alcohol would be present at the location at all.

Brendan DeRosier, the husband of the applicant, gave his word that there would be no alcohol at any of their events, not even during the rental of the hall for weekend parties.

Alderperson Steve Bostrom also stated that “his confidence has been significantly shaken in these operators.” He stated that he would be voting against the issuance of the license.

Alderperson Anthony Kennedy pointed out the two alcohol violations which occurred on July 16, 2010, and Dec. 28, 2010. His question to Mr. DeRosier was “Why should we believe you now? You’ve already had two alcohol violations.” Mr. DeRosier explained that it was a “gray area” for them at first, but now they were fully aware of the rules.

The vote was 14 to 2 against, with Alderpersons Tod Ohnstad and Katherine Marks voting yes. Another vote was taken to deny based on public safety and welfare, and the vote was again 14 to 2 to deny, with Alderpersons Patrick Juliana and Katherine Marks voting against the denial.

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