Secondhand shop gets dealer license

The application of  Bonnie Mirkiewicz, for a secondhand article dealer license for her shop, Forever Grateful consignment boutique and art gallery, located at 5000  Seventh Ave., was approved by the Common Council Monday night pending the payment of the $72 re-inspection fee.

Mirkiewicz gave a passionate speech explaining she is a person of integrity and that she had no intention to break any of the city’s ordinances. She invited all of the Common Council members to come and visit the beauty in her shop, where it’s “God first, people second, and finances third.” Her business is based on kindness. She spoke of holding monthly “fireside chats” on depression, alcohol and cocaine dependence, bipolar disorder, etc., to help educate the people of Kenosha on these issues. Her shop will be supporting five charities, three of which are here in Kenosha. Artists who display their work in her shop touch lives with art; she touches people with her heart. She begged the Council to allow her to re-open.

Alderperson Jan Michalski suggested an ombudsman to assist new business owners in wading through the bureaucracy associated with opening up a new business.

Paula Blise, the zoning coordinator, said the store now has its occupancy permit.

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