Nudo says health care costs ordinance needs some more work

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Kenosha Alderperson Anthony Nudo’s drive to have local health care providers disclose costs beforehand has slowed down a bit.

At a Public Safety and Welfare Committee meeting Wendesday, Nudo gave an update on the proposed ordinance. He stated that “a lot of things happened since the last time this was discussed.” He stated that he met with many medical professionals and Common Council members. He said that he feels that there are some deficiencies with the ordinance at this time. He’s working on some amendments. It will not be ready by Monday for the next Common Council meeting; therefore, Nudo requested that it be deferred for 60 days.

Alderpersons Michael Orth and Steve Bostrom signed on as co-sponsors of this proposed ordinance

Orth expressed his disappointment that people from the medical community were not at the meeting to talk about this issue in a public meeting. He also expressed his appreciation for Nudo addressing the concerns of the citizens of Kenosha. He stated that he feels that there is a need for public discussion of this very complex issue. He looks forward to working with Nudo and the medical community.

Alderperson Rocco LaMacchia asked if Nudo had told anyone in the medical community that he was going to request a 60-day delay. He wondered if that was the reason that no one from the medical community came to the meeting . Alderperson Nudo stated that he had given them this information.

Jeff Weidner, president of the Kenosha Professional Firefighters Union, spoke during the Citizens Comments portion of the meeting. He reviewed the health care costs proposed ordinance and he had a few suggestions. “The definition of the term medical emergency may need revisiting,” he said. “There is a lot more to it than what’s written here.” He specifically mentioned Section D on enforcement. He stated that they are not in the business of enforcing public health codes, only fire codes. All firefighters are deputy inspectors. There are currently two inspectors in the Fire Prevention Bureau, and one is authorized to write tickets. He stated that he is happy to provide his input on revisions, but he did not feel that it was appropriate for the union to be a part of the discussions. He was only going to be giving his comments as a citizen. He suggested working with the chief of the Fire Prevention Bureau and the fire chief. They would be the Committee’s two greatest assets.

Alderperson Michael Orth stated that the fire chief was present at the last meeting, and he asked for specific exemptions on fire services. He also stated that he felt that it would more than likely take two months to make all the revisions needed.

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