Line of Tebow fans wraps around corner and down the street at Jockey store opening

The line wound down the street. Way down the street. Way way down the street. And around the corner.

The number of people who came to downtown Kenosha for the grand opening of the Jockey Factory Store, newly located downtown at 5500 6th Avenue, stretched two entire blocks. The final member of the line, a man wearing a Denver Broncos jersey, said he had come all the way to that line from South Chicago, Illinois.

All the way from near Joliet just to buy underwear?

Nope, all the way from South Chicago just to meet an underwear spokesman. In this case, Jockey spokesman Tim Tebow. While Tebow is Jockey’s official face, that’s not what this crowd knows him for. Rather, they are fans of his other job — formerly as a quarterback for the Florida Gators and now as one of the NFL’s Denver Broncos.

When he arrived at about 5:30 p.m., Tebow stepped out of the store to wave to the vast line of fans to let them know he arrived. Then he went into the store to meet the excited fans and pose with them while their friends and families took pictures and videos

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