New/old seal logo approved for use by city

This is the city seal approved for use at Monday's Common Council meeting.

The Kenosha Common Council has voted to replace the current village city seal/logo with a new one.

Well, actually, the new seal is one that was in use before the current one was adopted about 40 years ago.

Critics of the current seal said it was no longer a relevant representation of the city, with its depictions of shipping and heavy industry.

Alderperson Theodore Ruffalo — who sponsored the change resolution along with Alderpersons Michael Orth and Anthony Nudo — said at Monday’s meeting that the seal approved for use Monday will be easier to update if needed with new appropriate imagery without changing it entirely. A manual stipulating use of city symbols and seeking to bring some uniformity to the seal’s presentation also has been established.

This is the 40-year-old city logo rejected by the Common Council Monday.

Ruffalo brushed aside possible concerns about the change being costly, saying the new logo will be implemented as materials and vehicles are replaced.

“It’s virtually cost neutral,” Ruffalo said.

The logo that was rejected Monday seemed to have few friends Monday night. Even some of those who did not like going back to the former seal said they dislike the logo replaced Monday.

“It doesn’t say anything right about Kenosha,” said Mayor Keith Bosman, who, along with a few others, said he would have favored a contest to develop an entirely new logo/seal.

The resolution to replace the city logo/seal passed 11-2.

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