Licensing and permit committee met this morning

Listed below is a re-cap of the Licensing & Permit Committee Meeting which was held this morning:

  • Six operator’s (bartender) licenses were approved; five were deferred to the next meeting due to false or incomplete information.
  • The following establishments received approval for beer/liquor licenses:  Slice, located at 4235 Green Bay Road; Pub 22 (the old Las Cazuelas Mexican Grill location); and Baker Street Restaurant.
  • Southport Mobil was approved for its Class “A” beer license renewal.
  • Char’s Cafe received approval for an outdoor dining area license.  

  • Uncle Mike’s Highway Pub was approved for an outdoor extension license, subject to setback compliance.  Alderperson Patrick Juliana had questions for Paula Blise, zoning coordinator, regarding the establishment’s fencing plans.  Blise will check into the ordinance and e-mail Juliana the information before the next meeting.  Uncle Mike’s was given 120 days to get their fencing up; if they need more time, they are to contact one of the committee members. 
  • Ashling on the Lough and Main Street Pub were both approved for a change in the closing hours of their outdoor extensions to midnight, while Port of Kenosha Beverage House’s outdoor extension was extended until 1:30 am.
  • Baci’s was denied its request to change the closing hours of their outdoor extension to midnight.  Acting chairman Jesse Downing said that the alderperson of the district called him this morning and asked him not to grant due to problems.  Alderperson Patrick Juliana agreed.  “Overall, it is not conducive to the neighborhood,” Juliana stated.  Our Kenosha Tap was also denied its request to change the closing hours of their outdoor extension to 1:30 am based on the fact that they have only held the license for their outdoor extension since September, 2010.  There is a one-year requirement of holding the license before a request to extend the closing hours can be made.  
  • The Coffee Pot was granted its application for outdoor area amplified music only licenses for the following dates:  July 9, August 13, September 10, and October 8, 2011.
  • Attorney Michael McTiernan appeared and spoke on behalf of the owner and manager of Pazzo’s.  They were requesting and were granted approval for three one-day cabaret licenses for the dates of July 1, 2 and 3, 2011.  (At the last meeting, Pazzo’s was denied its yearly cabaret license.)  Both assistant chief of police, William Brydges, and sergeant John DeMario, spoke to the fact that since March of this year, the number of police calls have  been reduced to this location.  They have installed a $1,500 id card reader and have created a log for the police department.  Over the weekend, they also installed additional outdoor lighting for the bar.  McTiernan was also asking about how to go about requesting that the Chamber’s parking lot also be lit.  Currently, the bar owner and manager have a good working relationship with the police department.  Juliana suggested that they be cognizant of “out of the mainstream” music and dress, as it may relate to creating problems in the future. 
  • Cooler Near the Lake and the American Legion Paul Herrick Post 21 were approved for their yearly cabaret licenses.
  • A short discussion ensued regarding Muggshots.  The committee thinks that this establishment has been closed since March.  On July 1st, their license expires.  The limit for the number of days that an establishment may remain closed before its liquor license expires is 90 days.
  • The proposed ordinance by the Mayor to create a Mayor’s Commission on the Arts was deferred to the next meeting.  The committee wanted more information.  Also, the proposed ordinance by Alderperson Anthony Nudo regarding principal sponsorship of ordinances and resolutions was also deferred to the next meeting.  This resolution states that only the principal sponsor can make amendments to the original proposed ordinance.  Downing felt that this committee’s power would be taken away as a result of passing this ordinance.  “It would prolong things,” he said.  Assistant city attorney Bill Richardson pointed out that the common council would also lose their ability to make amendments.

Juliana made the announcement that he has called a community meeting on Wednesday, July 13, 2011, at 6 pm at the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha to discuss the neighborhood’s many recurring problems.  Representatives from the police department, fire department, neighborhood services department, and the city attorney’s office will be on hand to answer any questions.  All residents of the entire city are invited to participate.

There is a special common council meeting scheduled for tonight at 4:45 pm to discuss three of the issues approved at this meeting, plus two others which were approved at the last meeting.

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