Council sends economic interests disclosure changes back to committee

Changes to city ordinances governing disclosure of economic interests by city officers, employees and candidates were sent back to the Finance Committee for further work.

The vote to send it back passed 10 to 5 at Monday’s Common Council meeting.

The changes, in the works for about six months, were approved earlier in the day by a 3 to 2 vote of the Finance Committee.

Aldermen favoring the approval of the changes now say enough work had been done and it was time to move on with the process.

“I just think this is time to do it,” said Alderperson Todd Ohnstad. “I don’t think this is anything that has been hurried or rushed.”

Opponents contended the ordinance and the form that would need to be filled out to comply with it needed further refinement to clarify what information was needed and what would constitute a violation. Some also questioned whether an enforcement officer or a board should be used to enforce the ordinance.

“Some thought has gone into this, but not a lot,” said Alderperson G. John Ruffalo.

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