Wirch-Steitz forum coverage

State Sen. Bob Wirch and his challenger in the Aug. 16 recall election Jonathon Steitz traded views in a forum at the Kenosha Country Club this morning.

The forum was hosted by the Kenosha Area Business Alliance  and the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce.

The recall election was spurred by Wirch’s participation in the flight from the state of the 14 state Senate Democrats during debate of Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill in February in order to avoid a quorum call for a vote on the  bill. Here Wirch and Steitz give their views on the issue (in all further seated videos Wirch is on the right and Steitz on the  left):

Here’s video of  the candidates opening statements, with Wirch speaking first:

As business organizations hosted this forum, many of the question related to business policy. Here’s a compilation of some of the business oriented questions:

Here the candidates give their opinions on drug testing for recipients of social safety net programs:

Here the candidates give their views on federal healthcare reform:

Here the candidates give their views on abortion:

Here are the candidates closing statements, with Steitz going first:

4 Responses to Wirch-Steitz forum coverage

  • Objectionist says:

    I’m pro choice, but Steitz is on the right track. Out with the old.

  • Eric S. says:

    @Objectionist – If you really are an objectionist, you will realize the importance of reason. There is no reason in the Tea Party. I feel more aligned with Objectivism then anything else, but Reason is more important then privatization at all costs. Big unions will be the least of our problems if the Tea Party continues to gain momentum. Ayn Rand was pro union by the way.

  • Eric S. says:

    @Objectionist – Opps. Objectionist is not Objectivist. My opinion still stands though. Small government is a good thing to aim for… just lets use our heads before blindly going that route.

  • Been There... says:

    Out with the old, in with the older? Come on, Wisconsin is being parcelled off and sold by the “new” administration. Why? Apparently it is to help buffer the State budget. The larger issue, from an overall WI govt standpoint: why are we paying so mich for faulty leadership? Or leadership whose personal or supporter interests are at the forefront. We need more than two choices, or else we settle. That is not representation at all. Pro-choice, Pro-Life…we need someone that is Pro-People. I have yet to see that.

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