First of two CDBG meetings to review grant proposals held tonight

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There were eleven Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) proposal presentations given tonight to the CDBG Committee.  Each proposal applicant was given approximately fifteen minutes to make their presentation and to answer any questions the committee might have.  There will be eleven more proposal presentations given at tomorrow night’s meeting.

Below is a listing of the applicants, project titles, summaries of the proposals, and dollar amounts requested, for the proposal presentations which were given tonight:

1) City of Kenosha, Police Department – Neighborhood Crime Intervention & Interdiction – Funds to pay for one additional officer to work on second shift to patrol the highest crime area on foot, on bike, or in a squad car, to enforce the law ($103,072);

2) Kenosha Area Family & Aging Service, Inc. (KAFASI) – Volunteer Transportation Service – Funds to help keep riders’ fares as low as possible and to cover expenses for mileage reimbursement for volunteer drivers ($5,000);

3) Women & Children’s Horizons – Legal Advocacy – Funds to pay for legal coordinator and court advocate to assist clients in processing restraining orders ($20,000);

4) Women & Children’s Horizons – Building Repairs – Funds to replace leaky massive front entrance windows, install a security monitoring system, and remove the unstable car port at the rear of the building ($45,000);

5) Walkin’ In My Shoes, Inc. – Survival Backpack Street Outreach Program – Funds for purchasing products and backpacks for  homeless clients ($5,000);

6) Urban League of Racine and Kenosha, Inc. – Customer Service & On-Line Cashier Training – Funds to provide customer service and cashier training to improve clients’ chances of obtaining and retaining jobs ($50,000);

7) Urban League of Racine and Kenosha, Inc. – Facility Conversion – Funds to convert upstairs apartment into the Urban League House, four sleeping rooms, a shared kitchen, and a shared bathroom for homeless clients ($45,000);

8) ELCA Urban Outreach Center – Helping Residents Become Self-Sufficient – Funds to pay for outreach manager to assist with job creation and youth job readiness:  three parts:  job skills, dress for success, and GED program ($41,620);

9) Hope Council – Hope House Planning Grant – Funds for a planning grant to determine the need and sustainability for Hope House, a supportive residential facility that would serve mothers or mothers/children focusing on maintaining sobriety while empowering mothers to be independent ($23,837);

10) Kenosha Literacy Council, Inc. – Long Term Literacy – Funds for salaries and program supplies to furnish personalized testing materials and tutoring ($5,000); and

11) Oasis Youth Center – Site Security – Funds for a security system (gates, cameras, storage cabinets and hand-held two-way radios)($5,000).

Questions from the committee members included ones such as collaboration with other agencies, whether or not the funds coming from other sources, such as the United Way, were “solid,” and how the project/services would be curtailed if the total amount of funds requested were not received.

If you’re interested in reviewing all of the proposals in detail (all 437 pages) you can click on the link below:


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