Second of two CDBG meetings held last night

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Eleven more Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) proposals were reviewed at last night’s CDBG committee meeting.

Below is a listing of the applicants, project titles, summaries of the proposals, and dollar amounts requested, for the proposal presentations which were given at last night’s meeting:

12) City of Kenosha, Dept. of Public Works – Street Improvements – Funds to continue repair of city streets to provide public safety for low- to moderate-income neighborhoods ($500,000);

13) Kenosha Achievement Center, Inc. – Workshop Wall Project – Funds to repair/renovate the deteriorating wall of the workshop to expand the adult day care environment and develop additional space ($25,000);

14) Kenosha Achievement Center, Inc. – Employment Exploration – Funds to hire a seasonal job coach to coordinate work and manage the summer camp to assist disabled high school students with disabilities to participate in job readiness training ($15,325);

15) Kenosha Community Sailing Center – Small Boat Basin – Funds to build a floating dock to quickly and safely launch small boats to make the harbor more attractive and vibrant, and to provide sailing experiences for local youth, particularly the underprivileged ($4,800);

16) WI Women’s Business Initiative Corp. – Microenterprise Development Continuum – Funds to provide direct loans and business development services (technical assistance) for low- and moderate-income persons through the start-up and expansion of microenterprise and small businesses ($175,000);

17) Habitat for Humanity – Kenosha Initiative (A New Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International) – Funds to buy land and build homes for three cost-burdened families or families living in substandard conditions ($125,000);

18) Kenosha YMCA – Frank Neighborhood Project – Funds to provide salaries and benefits, direct program costs, facility rentals, travel/transportation for laundromat trips, field trips, meals and recreational opportunities, training sessions and homework assistance for youth and families in the Frank Neighborhood ($50,000);

19) Shalom Center – Emergency Family Shelter Program – Funds to pay for staff to serve the community by providing emergency food, shelter, housing and support to those in need in ways that meet their immediate needs and respects human dignity ($50,000);

20) Spanish Centers of Racine, Kenosha & Walworth, Inc. – Continuum of Care – Funds to pay for an outreach coordinator to help run AA, Alanon and Alateen groups, help provide access to medical and mental health services, legal referrals and information, and translations and interpretation services ($25,000);

21) Kenosha Common Markets – Community Commercial Kitchen and Marketplace – Funds to provide a multi-year investment in Kenosha’s Downtown/Harbor Park area to build a 12,000 square foot space for a year-round indoor market, a 2,000 square foot commercial community kitchen, art gallery, business incubator support offices, plus yet undefined mixed-used space ($2,307,656); and

22) City of Kenosha – Program Administration/Comprehensive Planning – Funds to provide planning/management operating costs for the administration of the CDBG program to manage the completion of neighborhood plans and small area plans ($193,233).

If you’re interested in reviewing all of the proposals in detail (all 437 pages) you can click on the link below:

The total dollar amount requested for all 22 proposals is:  $3,819,543.  The committee has a total of $966,167 to mete out, according to Chairman David Bogdala, broken down in the following three categories:  Public Service – $398,494 requested, $144,925 available; Housing, Neighborhood Improvements/Economic Development – $3,191,456 requested, $628,009 available; and Planning/Management – $193,233 requested, $193,233 available (for city staff).  The allocation meeting is scheduled for September 14th at 6 pm.

Which project(s) do you think should be funded?



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