2012 CDBG funding approved

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The 2012 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program project funds were approved at tonight’s meeting.  Listed below are each of the project applicants, the dollar amounts requested, and the dollar amounts approved:  

 1) City of Kenosha, Police Department – Neighborhood Crime Intervention & Interdiction – requested $103,072; approved $0;

2) Kenosha Area Family & Aging Service, Inc. (KAFASI) – Volunteer Transportation Service – requested $5,000; approved $5,000;

3) Women & Children’s Horizons – Legal Advocacy – requested $20,000; approved $20,000;

4) Women & Children’s Horizons – Building Repairs – requested $45,000; approved $45,000;

5) Walkin’ In My Shoes, Inc. – Survival Backpack Street Outreach Program –   requested $5,000; approved $5,000;

6) Urban League of Racine and Kenosha, Inc. – Customer Service & On-Line Cashier Training – requested $50,000; approved $0;

7) Urban League of Racine and Kenosha, Inc. – Facility Conversion – requested $45,000; approved $0;

8) ELCA Urban Outreach Center – Helping Residents Become Self-Sufficient –  requested $41,620; approved $20,810;

9) Hope Council – Hope House Planning Grant – requested $23,837; approved $10,000;

10) Kenosha Literacy Council, Inc. – Long Term Literacy – requested $5,000; approved $5,000;

11) Oasis Youth Center – Site Security – requested $5,000; approved $5,000;

12) City of Kenosha, Dept. of Public Works – Street Improvements – requested $500,000; approved $408,009;

13) Kenosha Achievement Center, Inc. – Workshop Wall Project – requested $25,000; approved $25,000;

14) Kenosha Achievement Center, Inc. – Employment Exploration – requested $15,325; approved $15,325;

15) Kenosha Community Sailing Center – Small Boat Basin – requested $4,800; approved $0.

16) WI Women’s Business Initiative Corp. – Microenterprise Development Continuum – requested $175,000; approved $150,000;

17) Habitat for Humanity – Kenosha Initiative – requested $125,000; approved $0;

The reason given for not funding this project was that Habitat for Humanity was not a CDBG approved company at this time.

18) Kenosha YMCA – Frank Neighborhood Project – requested $50,000; approved $25,000;

19) Shalom Center – Emergency Family Shelter Program – requested $50,000); approved $25,000;

20) Spanish Centers of Racine, Kenosha & Walworth, Inc. – requested $25,000; approved $18,970;

21) Kenosha Common Markets – Community Commercial Kitchen and Marketplace – requested $2,307,656; approved $30,000;

Alderperson Theodore Ruffalo spoke in favor of the Kenosha Common Markets project.  He gave a perfect example of the business, Sandy’s Poppers.  “They started out at the market; now they have brick and mortar.”  He stated that he felt they should be approved at the full amount requested.  “It’s the vision for the future.  We have to have entrepreneurs to create jobs.”

Chairman David Bogdala stated that, as the Chairman of the Finance Committee, he would find out how to pay for $5,000 of the $30,000 approved.  “With the City Development/Neighborhood Services Inspection restructuring, some savings should be codified,” Bodgala said.  Jeff LaBahn confirmed this statement.  Bogdala’s further comments was, “The savings should more than make up for the allowance.  We are starting work on the 2012 budget now.  I will make sure that it doesn’t impact the taxpayer.”

22) City of Kenosha – Program Administration/Comprehensive Planning – requested $193,233; approved $153,233.

Allan Eisenberg, acting CEO and president of the Urban League spoke during the Public Comments section of the meeting.  He stated, “I don’t understand what’s transpiring here today.  The Urban League has been in existence in Kenosha since 1964; that’s 47 years.”  He explained that the population for their proposed “dormitory” would come from the organization, Walkin’ in My Shoes.  In regards to the Urban League’s second proposal for training cashiers, Eisenberg said, “That is creating jobs.  Setting the approved funding at $0 means that you don’t want to help lift people out of poverty and put them on the payroll.”  He asked for an explanation, but Bogdala gave him no explanation.  This was the portion of the meeting for comments only.

Jo Winn from the organization, Walkin’ in My Shoes, thanked the committee for the funding that will serve a lot of people.  Winn stated that she never met Eisenberg until tonight, and that she wasn’t made aware of their proposal before tonight.  “There are many homeless teens and young adults.  We’ve been working with them and providing housing and jobs.”  She stated that when Yolanda Adams approached her about providing housing for teens, she thought that would be another step to get them to be self-sufficient.  “Youth services are the least served in the community,” she said.  She wanted to make the committee aware that she thought it was a wonderful opportunity to provide shelter for them.  She asked the committee to keep that in mind for future consideration.

Ron Frederick, committee member, in response to Eisenberg’s comments, stated that Kenosha does have an established youth shelter program through the Kenosha Human Development Services (KHDS) Department.  They have a lengthy track record. 

Anderson Lattimore, committee member, urged the Urban League to make sure that any proposed partnerships with other services are discussed in the proposal.  He also thanked the staff for all of their hard work in generating documents and spreadsheets.

Bogdala thanked everyone for their time and thanked all of the people in the audience for attending.  There were approximately 25 people present.  “There was a lot of paperwork involved here.  The staff put in a lot of hard work, and this was a long process.”





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