Council approves street sub-names ordinance

After a lengthy discussion back and forth, the City Council approved on Monday night the proposed ordinance to allow citizens to request the city to name a street with a second, honorary name for up to three years, paid for by the citizen making the request.

Alderperson Jan Michalski moved to restore the language to its original form.  The back and forth discussion centered around the City Plan Commission’s authority. 

City Planning has been naming streets for a long time.  The City Plan Commission lays out plats and where streets are going to go.  Alderperson Jesse Downing said that the ordinance still gives the City Council the final say regardless of what the committee says.  “We have a lot on our agenda.  Let’s move forward.  Let’s put it back like it was.  The City Council has the final say anyway.  This is the system of checks and balances.  We catch stuff they missed. It was clearer before it was amended at the committee level.”  He stated that he’s voting for the amendment.

Alderperson Anthony Nudo asked if members of the commitee had read their packets.  “The City Plan Commission would be the final approval.  If they denied the request, then it would go the City Council and require a 2/3 vote to overrule.  The Public Works Committee and the City Plan Commission are the two bodies that can approve.  If denied, then it would go to the City Council.”

Alderperson Ray Misner proposed another change, adding language to give more flexibility to the city by exempting subnames suggested by the Mayor or alderpersons.  The amendment passed.  The final roll call vote to approve the ordinance passed by a vote of 14 to 2 (Alderpersons Juliana and Marks dissenting).

Briefly, in other City Council votes on Monday night:

  • Eleven (11) applications for new operator’s (bartender) licenses were approved, all with some demerit points; one application was referred back to the Licensing & Permit Committee; and two were approved for renewal operator’s (bartender) licenses, subject to non-renewal revocations due to false or incomplete information;
  • Eight (8) applications for new operator’s (taxi driver’s) licenses were approved; and four were denied.
  • La Quemada and Brat Stop Too were both approved for beer/wine licenses;
  • Sunset Grille & Mulligan’s Pub was approved for an outdoor cafe area license and also their request to change the closing hours of same to midnight;
  • The application of Sports on Sheridan for an outdoor extension of their beer/liquor license and their request to change the closing hours of same to midnight was referred back to the Licensing & Permit Committee.  Alderperson Ted Ruffolo questioned whether or not their cabaret license was revoked a year ago; it was.  He asked if the establishment had been asked how they planned to control the noise.  Alderperson Jesse Downing said that the committee didn’t question them about this at the committee level.  Therefore, it was unanimously voted to send it back to the Licensing & Permit Committee.
  • Shenanigan’s Pub on 52nd Street, Shenanigan’s Pub & Grill, and Mikki’s Rat Race were all approved for outdoor extensionsof their beer/liquor licenses and their requests to change the closing hours of same to midnight;
  • Big Shotz was approved for a change of the closing hours of their outdoor extension of their beer/liquor combination license to 1:30 am;
  • Brat Stop was denied their request for a change of the closing hours of their outdoor extension of their beer/liquor combination license to 1:30 am;
  • Bull and Bear Eatery and Tavern was approved for a yearly cabaret license and for their one-day cabaret license applications for October 1st and 2nd, 2011;
  • The application of Stephanie Perekovich for an amusement and recreation supervisor license was approved, subject to 60 demerit points (Pub 22);
  • The application of Katherine Nicole Christenson for an amusement and recreation supervisor license was also approved (Finney’s Lounge);
  • Eureka Gold Buyers, LLC, was approved for a secondhand jewelry dealer license;
  • Leonard Bolton’s application for a pet fancier permit was approved;
  • A deferral for two weeks was approved unanimously regarding various sections of Chapter 15 of the Code of General Ordinances related to off-premise signs, as well as the accessory building exemptions for residential property sections of the Zoning Ordinances;
  • A 120-day deferral was approved to amend the land use plan map for the city as well as the rezoning of a portion of the property at 6001 – 88th Avenue from RR3 – Urban Single-Family Residential to IP Institutional Park as they related to the American Albanian Islamic Center of Wisconsin;
  • A resolution to designate the second Saturday of May as International Migratory Bird Day was approved;
  • A resolution urging the mayor to evaluate and pursue raze orders for all vacant gas stations located in the city was approved;
  • A resolution to refund or waive certain cabaret license fees for the 2011-2012 license year was also approved;
  • The short sale offer for 6207 – 5th Avenue – HELP loan was approved;
  • The conditional use permit for a 4,794 square foot addition to the Horticultural Building for Gateway Technical College was approved; and
  • Thomas W. Genthner was approved to the position of director for Kenosha’s joint services.

The council then went into closed session to review the status of litigation on the following four cases:    

  • Adams Outdoor Advertising v. City;
  • Bear Development, LLC, v. City;
  • Kenosha County v. City Health Department; and
  • Kenosha County v. City Redistricting.

It was reported that the Council meeting finally broke up around 1:00 in the morning due to a quorum issue.

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