Another city employee announces retirement

Mike Higgins - City Clerk/Treasurer/Assessor

There have been quite a few people leaving city positions in the last few months:  Ron Bursek, director of public works; Jim Schultz, director of the Department of Neighborhood Services and Inspections; Debbie Salas, deputy city clerk/treasurer; Jean Ditzenberger, the mayor’s executive assistant, Penney Haney, community relations liaison; and Paula Touhey, museums director.  The latest to announce his retirement is Mike Higgins, city clerk/assessor.  He will be retired as of the end of the year.

Higgins has served as a government employees for 37 years.  About twenty years of that time, he has served as an assessor with the County.  He’s been the city assessor for 16 years and, for more than five years, has taken on the additional role of city clerk.

Higgins said that he would like to enjoy some time off.  In an e-mail to the Common Council, Higgins said that, “My wife, Carol, and I decided it was time for me to move on . . . it has been a great pleasure working with you and being part of the city of Kenosha team,” he wrote.





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