Kenosha mayoral candidate Jesse Downing first to turn in nomination signatures

Jesse Downing

Jesse Downing, 16th district alderperson, chairman of the common council, and Kenosha mayoral candidate, turned in four hundred signatures, the maximum allowed under Wisconsin law, to the Kenosha city clerk’s office on December 5th.  Downing is the first candidate to turn in his signatures, and these were collected in less than four days.

“I have been working hard to meet as many Kenosha residents as possible,” said Downing.  “It’s clear that the middle class and working families of Kenosha are ready for a change.”

Downing and several volunteers collected signatures over the first four days of December by knocking on doors throughout the city as well as attending several community events.

“Kenosha needs strong leadership that will help create jobs for Kenosha families,” Downing said.  “I will work every day to make Kenosha a destination for people to live, work, and visit.”

At last Monday’s Common Council meeting, Downing had these comments to make:  “It’s no secret I’m running for mayor.  I’ve been campaigning since May.  I find it coincidental, though, that at our last meeting, the Kenosha Area Business Alliance (KABA) made a presentation on downtown development.  I talk to thousands of people about downtown development.  Now, we’re going to spend $150,000 to pay a consultant to tell us how to develop the downtown area.  I’ve always said that I’m not campaigning on the Common Council floor.  I can meet with any of you on the outside.  You know that I’ve never been afraid to tell it like it is, I’ve always told it like it is, and I always will.”

Downing is a 45-year resident of Kenosha and current six-term alderperson representing the 16th district.  Downing worked for Golden Harvest and CJW, Inc. for a combined twenty years before Golden Harvest closed this past spring.  Downing and his wife, Debby, run the Tarbenders Bar in the town of Somers.  Together, they have raised three children and have two grandchildren.

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  • Eric S. says:

    It looks like Jesse has a web page at:

    Making Kenosha a destination seems to be the common campaign issue. It will be interesting to hear more specifically how those running plan to accomplish this. So far it sounds like Downing, Misner, and Bosman will be running.

  • ┼ = √-1 says:

    Well if your website is your campaign, no vote from me. very lame.

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