Process for naming of parks

At last night’s Board of Park Commissioners meeting, one of the informational items discussed was the process for re-naming of parks.  Chairman Michael Orth stated that there are several parks whose names no longer apply or were never officially named.  “The very first one that comes to mind,” Orth said, “is Old Little League Park.  This is very confusing for out-of-town visitors.  Power Line Park is another; it needs a more fitting name.  Strawberry Creek Park hasn’t officially been named yet.  In the 13th district, there’s Elmwood School Park.  There is no Elmwood School in Kenosha.  Southwest Library Park has no name.  We should be able to find someone who’s made a big impact on the library system and re-name that park.  Another one is Tot Park.  I know that this is kind of an appropriate name because this is where tots play.  But, this was originally named by the Rotary Club.  With some research, we should be able to find a rotarian and honor that person more specifically.

“This will be a project that this committee can work on during the winter,” stated Orth.  Minimal costs would be incurred:  merely signs and data base changes.   “We want to go out to the community and ask if anyone has any ideas.  Are there any famous Kenoshans, corporate citizens, community organizers, advocates, or organizations that we’d like to honor?”

Alderperson Rocco LaMacchia wanted to make sure that there were guidelines in place, criteria set up as to who could be recognized.  Orth said that there is a procedure for naming and re-naming.  It would have to go before the City Plan Commission.  It would depend on community involvement.  “We could look at how we got to some names in the past.  These will be future agenda items.  A few months ago, we passed an ordinance on honorary street naming.  This is just another extension of that.”  To read that article, click here:  “Council Approves Street Sub-Names Ordinance.”

Alderperson Jesse Downing commented to staff that they need to put the parks in the right districts as of January 1st.

Orth’s final comment on this subject was that the commission’s first priority should be Little League Park.  Before the baseball season starts, and we start getting visitors from all over southwest Wisconsin, we need to clear up the confusion caused by this park’s current name.”

What suggestions do you have for park names in Kenosha?

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