Still no final storm report

A split tree on the lawn in front of the Kenosha County Courthouse.

Mayor Keith Bosman and city administrator Frank Pacetti were in attendance at tonight’s Storm Water Utility Committee meeting.  The committee was under the impression that they were going to receive a final report from the mayor and the city administrator on the June 30, 2011, storm damage cleanup.  This was requested at the last meeting due to conflicting reports from the mayor’s office and the former director of Public Works.  Click here for that report:  Tree Removal $200,000 Over Budget.  However, that was not what was presented this evening.  Pacetti distributed a draft of an emergency management procedure.

Although the committee thanked Pacetti for the draft, they were looking for the requested report.  Chairman Anthony Nudo said that the citizens wanted to know exactly what happened.  Pacetti apologized and stated that he would prepare the report for the next meeting.  Alderperson Steve Bostrom made a motion to defer action on this item for thirty days and requested time to digest the draft and offer suggestions.

Nudo stated that the definition of an emergency needs to be included; also, who has the authority to declare an emergency.  Plus, it must be consistent with State statutes.  Another item that needs to be included is the definition of the time period of when an emergency starts and ends.  Other suggested items were:  once an emergency is declared, how does the public become aware of it?  How do city officers become aware of it?  When the emergency is finalized, how does the public and the city officers become aware of that?

Pacetti stated that the committee could send him their comments, and he would have the draft re-done for the next meeting also.

On another note, Michael Lemens, city engineer, had a bit of good news.  The city of Kenosha received notification today that they were awarded a grant to assist in monitoring pollutants on Pike River.  The dollar amount is yet unknown.

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