SeeClickFix not to be used to report snow issues


Chairman G. John Ruffolo stated at tonight’s Public Works Committee that the system, SeeClickFix is not to be used for snow removal issues, as was stated by Alderperson David Bogdala at the last Common Council meeting.  “This committee,” Ruffolo said, “is the only committee that decides what will and will not be handled through the SeeClickFix system.  Using the system to report snow removal issues would overload the system.”  Its used are currently limited to reporting non-emergency issues, such as graffiti, potholes, and non-working streetlights.  Ruffolo stated that he has already discussed this with Bogdala.

Ruffolo said that he’d talk to the technology gurus and see if they can block the snow removal requests from the system.  Ruffolo said that this is a one-year test and, at the end of one year’s use, it would be evaluated for efficiency.

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