New ordinance affecting licenses

On Monday morning, the Licensing & Permit Committee met for a rather lengthy period of time (over three hours).  The bulk of the meeting had to do with two revocation hearings.  Click here to read a report on that:  Two Revocation Hearings Held This Morning.

Other items of business acted upon at the meeting included:

  • The approval of six new operator’s (bartender) licenses, all subject to demerit points; two were denied.
  • Kenosha Gas Stop’s application for a retail beer license was deferred for 45 days due to its being within a half mile of another Class “A” establishment.  This is a new ordinance which was approved not too long ago; this ordinance change was sponsored by Alderperson Jesse Downing.  (This has to do with alcohol density.)  The applicant was instructed to write a letter requesting an exemption and address it to the City Development Department.  The request would then go to the City Plan Commission for review.
  • Aldi’s application for a retail liquor license was also deferred for the same ordinance as noted above, except that the limitation for a liquor license is a one-mile radius.  The same waiver letter is needed.
  • Best Western Harborside Inn was approved for its beer/liquor license, with the acceptance of a conditional surrender of a similar license at the same location from Kenosha Hotel Development, Inc., to be effective December 20, 2011.
  • Slice (4235 Green Bay Road) was granted a sixty-day extension to allow them to maintain their beer/liquor license even though they were not open for business within ninety days of receipt of the license.
  • Kemper Center was denied its yearly cabaret license due to non-appearance.
  • Rush Street Lounge was approved for its application for a yearly cabaret license.
  • Four applications for amusement and recreation enterprise supervisor licenses were approved (for Monkey Joe’s and Finney’s Lounge); one was deferred until the next meeting.
  • Five renewal applications for secondhand article dealer licenses were approved.  One was granted a thirty-day suspension in order to allow time to obtain a computer and get up and running with the on-line transaction process.
  • Seven renewal secondhand jewelry dealer applications were approved.
  • One renewal massage therapist license application was approved.
  • Renewal applications for yearly kennel and pet shop licenses were approved, per list on file in the Office of the City Clerk.
  • The application of Puppy Tub & Motel for a kennel and pet shop license was approved.
  • One pet fancier permit was approved.

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