Chiappetta’s Shoes approved for banners

The Public Safety & Welfare Committee met on Monday evening.  Below is a report of what transpired at that meeting:

  • A resident request to remove the one-hour parking in front of 6517/6519 – 5th Avenue was approved unanimously.  Staff recommended a ninety-day trial.
  • Chiappetta Shoes’ request for six banners in the public right-of-way was approved by a vote of 4 to 1 (Alderperson Anthony Kennedy was opposed).  The agreement reached with Chiappetta Shoes was to approve the request, with the condition that, if and when the sign ordinance is ever re-written, that the store owner will have to comply with the ordinance, even if it means that the banners would be illegal.  Fred Chiappetta agreed.  The committee hoped that this would give a “nudge” to the City Attorney’s Office to get going on the re-write of this ordinance which has been in process for four years now.
  • The proposed ordinance to repeal and recreate a section of the Code of General Ordinances as “Department of Community Development and Inspections,” to amend various sections to reflect a change in name by substituting “Department of Community Development and Inspections” for the “Department of City Development and Inspections” and correct a reference from “City Development Block Grant Program” to “Community Development Block Grant Program” was approved unanimously.
  • The proposed resolution to appoint Sergeant David M. Molinaro as Humane Officer for the city was also approved unanimously.  Police Chief John Morrissey spoke on this issue.  The contract with Claws & Paws will be cancelled; therefore, a humane officer was needed.  Sergeant Molinaro has been certified for two years.  Five customer service officers (CSO’s) will be sent to class as well.

Morrissey also informed the committee that Assistant Chief William Brydges will be retiring with 34 years of service.  Two other officers, Captain Jerry Sturino and Officer Jerry Reeves, will also be retiring with significant time in the department.  Kennedy thanked the chief for the amazing work the police force has done in the last couple of days.  “The 10th District citizens will sleep better tonight,” he stated.

Chairman Jesse Downing thanked everyone for their efforts this past year.  There was a lot of effort expended on the Adams Outdoor lawsuit.  Also, even though the City Development and Neighborhood Services and Inspections Departments’ merger still hasn’t been completed, Downing thought that 2012 should prove to be a better year for all.

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