Common Council report

The Common Council met on Wednesday night.  Present were about ten members of Boy Scout Troop 551 from the Wesley United Methodist Church, earning merit badges for observing city government at work.  Lou Rugani spoke on the planned demolition of Heritage House.  His suggestion was to offer the property to a developer for $1, who would then “bring it back to historical standards.  It’s called “adaptive re-use.”  This would put the property back on the tax rolls.  “Maybe a developer would have a vision in mind more than the city has shown to date.”  He urged the council to “act upon this yesterday.”

The following issues were discussed and acted upon at the meeting:

  • Nineteen operator’s (bartender) licenses, two special Class “B” Beer and/or special “Class B” Wine licenses, and one taxi driver license was approved.  These are on file in the Office of the City Clerk.

  • The request for a special exception to the off-street parking requirement of the city’s zoning ordinance for Tino’s Carryout (6209 – 22nd Avenue) was deferred until the next meeting.
  • Four other new operator’s (bartender) licenses were also approved, all of which were subject to demerit points.
  • The application of Kenneth Duttweiler for a new operator’s (bartender) license was approved subject to 80 demerit points.
  • Two new operator’s (taxi driver) licenses were approved, both of which were subject to demerit points.  Three others were denied due to material police record and false application.
  • Journey Cab Company (8867 Sheridan Road) was approved for its taxicab permit.
  • Jill’s Place (1400 – 52nd Street) was approved to maintain its Class “B” Beer/”Class B” Liquor license, even though they were not open for business within 90 days of receiving approval for the license.
  • Rivals Sports Pub & Grille (6325 – 120th Avenue) and Pub 22 (2200 – 60th Street) were approved for yearly cabaret licenses.
  • An application for an amusement and recreation enterprise supervisor license for Monkey Joe’s (4237 Green Bay Road) was denied based on material police record and false application.  Another application for the same license was approved for Pub 22.
  • Three applications for secondhand article dealer licenses were approved (Colosseum Games, 5719 – 75th Street; 60th Street Music & Video, 3105 – 60th Street; and CD DVD Game Warehouse, 3717 – 80th Street).
  • A secondhand jewelry dealer license was approved for the Jewelry Exchange (2400 – 52nd Street).
  • Two pet fancier permits were approved.
  • The findings of fact, conclusions of law, and recommendation in the matter of the Class “A” Beer license of DSD Group, LLC, Amarjit Dhindsa, Agent (Roosevelt Oil, 2710 Roosevelt Road) was approved.  Attorney Loren Keating spoke on behalf of the agent and told the council members that the suspension period was sufficient punishment.  The gas station hopes to continue to be a thriving business with its beer license.
  • Two zoning ordinances were approved for their first reading.  One had to do with crop production as a conditional use, and crop production in a residential, business, manufacturing or industrial district.  This ordinance change was approved even though the City Planning Commission denied it unanimously on January 5th.  To read more about this issue, click here:  Crop Production as a Conditional Use Denied.  The other had to do with rezoning the property located at 1613 Washington Road from RG-1 (General Residential) to IP (Institutional Park).  This is the land to be used by AT&T for its cell phone tower.  Please refer to the article which discusses the cell phone tower lease agreement by clicking here:  Cell Phone Tower Agreement Denied.
  • Council president Jesse Downing proposed two minor changes to the zoning ordinance regarding off-premise signs.  The first deleted the words “upon holding a public hearing” from the verbiage having to do with bill boards.  There are no public hearings with bill boards, but there are with digital boards.  This change was approved unanimously.  The second change had to do with lowering the radius of property owner notification from within 250 feet to within 100 feet.  Downing stated that the change had to do with consistency.  Other alderpersons spoke out against this change, and the council voted not to change it by a vote of 4 to 9.  The roll call vote on keeping the distance at 250 feet was then approved unanimously.
  • The proposed ordinance change by Alderperson Lawrence Green regarding the general requirements for fence installation was deferred for 120 days.  The roll call vote for deferral was 8 to 5.
  • The council approved by a vote of 12 to 1 the amendment of the Land Use Plan Map for the City of Kenosha:  2035, for the American Albanian Islamic Center of Wisconsin.  Alderperson G. John Ruffolo was the sole dissenting voter.  The council also unanimously approved the petition to rezone a portion of the property at 6001 – 88th Avenue from RR3 (Urban Single-Family Residential) to IP (Institutional Park) for the center.  Their plan is to double their parking lot and construct a soccer field.
  • All six of the resolutions from the Finance Committee were deferred due to the failure of the committee to meet because of a lack of a quorum.  One of the resolutions included one proposed by the mayor to transfer funds needed to fund the city clerk/treasurer position.  Disbursement Record #24 in the amount of $5,128,194.33 was also deferred.
  • The following two mayoral appointments were approved:  M’Kai Henry to the Mayor’s Youth Commission for a term which will expire on November 1, 2013; and Debra Salas to city clerk/treasurer.
  • The vacant land sale and leaseback agreement between the city and New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC, for the property located at 1613 Washington Road was not approved.  Please refer to the article which discusses the cell phone tower lease agreement by clicking here:  Cell Phone Tower Agreement Denied.  The lease between the two parties was also not approved by a roll call vote of 7 to 6.
  • The real estate appraisal services agreement by and between the city and G. A. Bock & Associates, d/b/a Southern Wisconsin Appraisal was deferred, as was the addendum to the professional services agreement with Mandlik & Rhodes Information Systems, Inc., for the redemption processing of yard waste coupons.
  • Final acceptance on three public works projects were unanimously approved.  These were for Project 11-1012, Resurfacing Phase I (32nd Avenue – 60th Street to 55th Street, Taft Road – Pershing Blvd. to 39th Avenue, Taft Road – 67th Street to 245 feet northeast, 25th Avenue – 32nd Street to 31st Street), completed by Cicchini Asphalt, LLC, in the amount of $663,017.72; Project 11-1015, Resurfacing Phase II Project A (88th Place – 47th Avenue to 43rd Avenue, 39th Avenue – North of 80th Street to 300 feet south), also completed by Cicchini in the amount of $311,290.95; and Project 11-2002, Overpass Painting (1100 block of 75th Street, 1300 block of 63rd Street, 1300 block of 56th Street), completed by Mill Coatings, Inc. (Suamico, Wisconsin), in the amount of $115,400.
  • The conditional use permit for a rubber processing facility to be located at 1100 – 91st Street (A-Korn Roller) was approved unanimously.  There is a forecast to add between seven and fifteen new employees for this facility.
  • Consideration of three separate claims against the city was deferred.  The three plaintiffs were Terry E. Anderson, Harold E. Granger, and Charlene C. Salewski.  Alderperson Michael Orth asked if any of these were time sensitive, and the answer given by assistant city attorney Bill Richardson was no.  The city has 120 days to deny the claims from the date received, and all of them were received in November of last year.
  • The council then went into closed session twice to discuss the status of litigation regarding two law suits.  The first law suit was regarding Kenosha County vs. the city, and the second was regarding Carolyn Vassar, et. al., vs. the city.
  • The last item on the agenda was deferred, and that was the status of potential causes of action against Brookstone Homes.

The meeting was then adjourned due to the lateness of the hour.  There were no alderpersons’ comments.

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