Commissioners approve park work

The Board of Park Commissioners met last night.  The master contract between SAA Design Group, Inc., and the city of Kenosha for professional services was approved.  At first, Alderperson Anthony Kennedy expressed that he had a problem with the costs not being listed, but city engineer Mike Lemens explained that there is no exact cost.  “SAA Design Group will charge on what work we tell them to do.  Each project specifies a task order, of which there are two on the agenda tonight.  The city can only spend what’s authorized in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).  The scope of services has budget control.  It’s not an open-ended check.”  The analogy Lemens gave was bids for heating work.  “A blanket order is issued to the vendor.  If the city uses them once or ten times, they have the hourly rate approved.”  Kennedy did then vote for approval, as did the other commission members.

SAA Design Group, Inc., also received approval for the following:

  • $28,500 for Strawberry Creek Park, Phase I; and
  • $36,500 for the Anderson Pool Splashpad.

Alderperson Rocco LaMacchia wanted to know if the Washington Bowl Project was on schedule, and he was told by Jeff Warnock, park superintendent, that it was.  With the mild weather, they have been working on painting the inside.  Shelley Billingsley said that “Once the retaining wall is in, then the surface concrete can start.”  Kennedy asked about the Lakefront Water Feature; he wanted to know if the project would be ready by summer.  Billingsley stated that there were some problems with permits, which are being worked through with the vendor.  A chlorination analysis may have to be done with the water going into the lake.  The work will start in April.  Kennedy wanted to make sure that, with the one pool being taken off-line (Anderson Pool), that this one will be put on-line.  (To read the previously published story regarding Anderson Pool, click here:  Anderson Pool Will Be Closed Next Summer.)

Kennedy also asked about the bike and pedestrian connections.  Billingsley stated that a grant was received for bike path signage and markings.  Kennedy expressed his concerns with traffic, the fast street, and the downgrade.  He didn’t think it was a good idea.

Warnock gave a brief summary of the snowplowing work.  “As soon as a storm is over, we have been sending out five cats to do the city sidewalks.  We are minimizing overtime by not sending them out during the week.  If it snows at night, we’re sending them out first thing in the morning.  The citizens get 24 hours, so we’re taking the 24 hours, too.  If it snows from midnight Saturday through Monday, we are waiting until Monday.  Unless it’s a holiday.”  LaMacchia stated that the e-mails that Warnock has been sending out have been good.

Chairman Michael Orth asked about the Alford Building.  “Is it going to be knocked down?”  Warnock responded that the building still needs to be cleaned up.  They are also planning on keeping the brick for Southport and Simmons Island.  Lemens stated that he, Warnock and the insurance carrier held a meeting last week.  They made it clear to the insurance carrier that they expected the mess to be cleaned up.  “It’s a nuisance.  They understand.  They’ve asked us to just hold off for a little while longer.  I know it’s not as fast as we would like.”

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