Last common council meeting for five alderpersons

Monday was the last Common Council meeting for five Kenosha alderpersons.  The five are:

  • Theodore Ruffalo – 2nd District;
  • Katherine Marks – 8th District, decided not to run again after having served on the Council for 20 years;
  • Lawrence Green – 9th District, served on the Council for 2 years; and
  • Anthony Nudo – 11th District, served on the Council for 4 years; and
  • Raymond Misner – 13th District – served on the Council for 6 years.

Mayor Keith Bosman called Marks to the podium at the beginning of the meeting and presented her with a placque and a commendation.  One of Marks’ constituents said a few words in her honor and presented her with a bouquet of flowers.  Marks then made a few comments.

Ray Misner /Kevin Mathewson photo

During the Alderpersons’ Comments portion at the end of the meeting, Misner had a few comments to make.  He stated that, “Since I took office, I’ve had pride and a sense of accomplishment.  I thank all of my colleagues for their support.”  He expressed concern about 23 missing votes and the fact that the “Southwest Library in the district was locked for 45 minutes while they were counting votes.  The candidates should be able to witness this without hindrance.  Whatever is wrong should be fixed.  And, we need to get it fixed now.  People should be entitled to put in office who they voted for.  It would be nice if we used failure as a motivator and not a reason to meet challenges,” he said.  He also thanked his wife, Katie, for allowing him to attend over 500 meetings and for making his mark.  He stated that he will have more comments to make on Saturday morning on his radio talk show on WLIP.

Anthony Nudo /Kevin Mathewson photo

Nudo also thanked his wife, Karen.  “The city employees have been tremendous to work with.  It’s been strenuous.  It’s a stressful job.  People asked me if I was disappointed in the loss of my seat.  But, I never lost my seat.  This seat is for the 11th district.  They will have a new representative now (Scott Gordon).”  He thanked all for their contributions and hard work.

Lawrence Green /Kevin Mathewson photo

Green thanked his constituents for the honor of serving them for the past two years.  He congratulated the new alderman of the 9th district (Keith Rosenberg).  “I’ll miss everyone’s friendship.”  He also thanked his wife for the time that he hasn’t been at home.

Katherine Marks /Kevin Mathewson photo

Marks thanked God for giving her the vision to work towards having a better place to live, and the strength to accomplish her goals.  She gave a slide show presentation of the city’s achievements during her tenure.  This ranged from the development of Harbor Park and the Uptown Brass Center to the city’s museums, public libraries, and streetcare program.  Other achievements were Harbor Market, Peanut Butter and Jam concerts, the Metra Station, and the Lincoln and Columbus Park Neighborhood Plans.  “We were the little neighborhood that many thought we couldn’t, but we did.  John F. Kennedy said, ‘People see things as they are and say why.  Other people see things as they are not and say why not.  I took the baton from Alderman Steve Casey twenty years ago.”  She urged her successor (Kevin Mathewson) to “keep the dream alive and to share her vision.  I’m passing the baton on to him now.  We have to have hope.  He needs to build on our dream.”

Ruffalo was not in attendance at the meeting last night.

Note: Thank you to Kevin Mathewson for the photos. — DH

2 Responses to Last common council meeting for five alderpersons

  • Rob Jensen says:

    Hi my name is Rob Jensen,
    I ran for alderman of the 13th district. I lost and I can accept that. What I am having trouble with is this.On election night the results for the 13th district were the very last to come in. Curt Wilson had 732 votes, I received 709. The morning of the election when my wife and I voted the electric scanner was not working. My vote along with all the others at the my station were slipped into a slot on the side of the unit. I don’t know if any other machines had that same problem. At the time it didn’t bother me but now as I look back it does.
    The margin of victory was so slim, less than 2% of the votes cast, I requested a recount. The city clerks office certified the election results the previous saturday.The election totals matched the signed election log books. Last friday the 13th, I witnessed the recount. All the ballots and absenty ballots were in sealed bags, along with the printouts from the voting machines. In the first hour an election official had trouble getting the machine to work properly. It was a machine that was used at the Southwest Library. The ballots from the 59th ward were run through first. The totals didn’t match the results from election night. The origional totals said : Curt Wilson 240 and me 197, the new totals were Curt Wilson 236 and me 194. The clerks office official said that some of the ballots might of gotten mixed up with the other wards. Then the 60th ward was run through. Once again the totals were off. Curt and I were supposed to have 186 each but the new totals said Curt Wilson 176 and me 181. A legal representative from the city said “I hope those missing ballots show up”. Then the 61st ward were run through. The totals once again were not accurate. Curt Wilson 89 and I had 104. Election night totals were Curt Wilson 91 and I had 105. These three wards were from the Southwest Library. The absenty ballots were exact as were the totals from the 62nd ward at Jane Vernon. So I asked the election officials what happened were are the missing 27 ballots ? It was 27 not the reported 23. All I got was a blank stare with no answers. So the new certified totals were Curt Wilson 716 and me with 699. Of the ballots that were found I picked up a plus 8. Still a loss. Like I’ve said many times in my life ” I’m a sore looser” but it hurts worse if you think that something shady is going on. It took alot of time and money to run for this office. I hope that in future elections this sort of thing dosen’t happen again. I offered Curt my congratulations but I still have this empty feeling inside.
    Thankyou to all those who supported me and next time I’ll fight til every vote is found. Sincerely Rob Jensen

  • Brian says:

    Kenosha does not fix things they just sweep it under the rug.

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