Kenoshan announces run for US Senate as Libertarian

Joseph Kexel of Kenosha has announced his candidacy for the US Senate as a Libertarian candidate.

Here’ s his announcement press release:

Joseph Kexel, Libertarian candidate for Wisconsin’s open US Senate seat, has balancing the federal government’s budget as his top priority when elected. “With the Democrats unwilling to even provide a budget and the Republicans offering at best a 20-30 year plan to do it, America needs leaders to fight for immediate balancing of the budget,” he said. Kexel believes that any resistance to balancing the budget immediately is politics as usual. He commented, “It seems most politicians are just attempting to offer lip service to the public regarding this very serious issue. Sounding like you care and actually doing something about it are entirely different things. I find more people are waking up to that fact.” He continued, “The path to a balanced budget is simply getting back to following the Constitution. A very large number of programs are not authorized by the Constitution, and we must eliminate such programs. Those programs are not forbidden to the states or local governments, so it is at those levels of government where the decisions to create and pay for them exists.” As part of the budget balancing process, Kexel seeks to reduce the size and scope of the federal government. “There is no way to reduce our expenditures without cutting government. Reductions in government will be a benefit to all, including businesses trying to start or expand. That will create jobs!” he said. He concluded with, “Ultimately, we must get our country’s financial situation under control and that means paying off our debt, too. That will be impossible until we consistently balance our budget and recreate the freedom which provided us with the strong economic performance of our past. We can no longer ignore our budget problem. We cannot suggest long, slow plans of action, either. It is clear that we must act now to balance the budget.” About Joseph Kexel: When elected, Joseph Kexel will work on getting the federal government back on track with balanced budgets. Kexel has lived in Kenosha nearly his whole life. He is married and works as an IT consultant.

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