KMart approved for beer license

The renewal application of KMart Corporation for a retail beer license generated some discussion among the Licensing & Permit Committee members on Tuesday night.  Chairman Jesse Downing said to the applicant, “I have nothing against you personally.  KMart Corporation changed agents.  There is not an adverse recommendation from the city attorney’s office.  However, KMart has received a citation; they should have demerit points attached to their license.”  Alderperson Patrick Juliana agreed.  The alderpersons said that they didn’t think it was appropriate to issue the license without some demerit points attached.  They said that they didn’t want to “set a bad precedent.”  Kennedy stated that he would not support the application at all.  “I don’t believe KMart should have a liquor license,” he said.  It was finally approved by a vote of 3 to 2, subject to 40 demerit points.  Alderpersons Kennedy and Chris Schwartz voted against.  The Common Council will have the final vote on this item, as well as the rest of the following items, on its agenda next Monday, June 4th.

Other agenda items were acted upon at the meeting as well:

  • Three new bartender licenses were approved; one was denied.
  • Fifteen renewal bartender licenses were approved; five were deferred for two weeks.
  • Two new taxi driver’s licenses were granted, subject to 20 demerit points; one was denied, based on material police record; and another was granted subject to a non-renewal revocation hearing.
  • The Journey Cab Company was approved for its renewal taxicab permit.

Kennedy consistently asked each taxi cab license applicant whether or not they knew which cab company they would be working for when they completed their applications.  All of them answered in the affirmative, and then gave the name of their employer.  At the end of the meeting, Kennedy gave the reason for these inquiries.  “I’m not an OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) alderman,” he said.  “They all left that portion of the application blank, and I want to discuss this issue with Matt Knight (assistant city attorney).”  A valid reason for the committee to deny an application is if it is incomplete or inaccurate.

The following establishments were approved for renewal applications of their retail beer licenses:

  • Speedway, 6626 – 18th Avenue, subject to 20 demerit points (approved unanimously);
  • Fonte Food Market, 1400 – 50th Street, subject to 20 demerit points (approved by a vote of 4 to 1; Kennedy voting against);
  • Grace Petro Market, 4433 – 22nd Avenue, subject to 40 demerit points (Kennedy voted against);
  • 52nd Street Quick Shop, 3404 – 52nd Street, subject to 40 demerit points (Kennedy voted against); and
  • PDQ Store, 8012 – 39th Avenue, subject to 60 demerit points (Kennedy voted against).

The application of The Red Iguana (4814 Sheridan Road) for a beer/liquor reserve license was deferred for two weeks.  The city attorney’s office originally recommended denial based on an incomplete application and an active traffic warrant.  The committee hoped that the applicant could get these issues resolved within that time period.  Downing made the comment that, if the license was not approved until after July 1st, the establishment would probably not be required to pay the $10,000 for the reserve license because there might be licenses available at that time.  June 30th is the end of the annual licensing period.

Motor Alley (1402 – 52nd Street) was approved for a beer/liquor license, with the acceptance of a conditional surrender of a similar license at the same location.

The following establishments were approved unanimously for their renewal applications of their beer/liquor combination license applications:

  • Bindelli’s City Zoo, 4601 – 7th Avenue;
  • Bindelli’s Jungle, 3805 – 22nd Avenue;
  • Charcoal Grill & Rotisserie, 5745 – 75th Street;
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, 7127 – 120th Avenue;
  • Los Cantaritos Mexican Restaurant, 4031 – 52nd Street;
  • Bindelli’s Safari, 2232 Roosevelt Road, subject to 20 demerit points;
  • Kaiser’s Pizza & Pub, 510 – 57th Street, subject to 20 demerit points;
  • Rivals Sports Pub & Grille, 6325 – 120th Avenue, subject to 20 demerit points; and
  • Bindelli’s Animal House, 3322 Sheridan Road, subject to 40 demerit points.

The renewal applications for beer/wine licenses for the following establishments were deferred for two weeks:

  • Slice of NY Pizzeria, 5703 – 6th Avenue; and
  • Noodles & Company, 7224 – 120th Avenue.

Bindelli’s Animal House was approved for its application for a change in their closing hours to 1:30 am on their outdoor extension.  Captain Mike’s (5118 – 6th Avenue) was also approved for its application for a change in the closing hours of its outdoor cafe to 1:30 am.

The application of Our Kenosha Tap (3221 – 60th Street) for a yearly cabaret license was deferred for two weeks, even though the applicant was not present at the meeting, and two of the committee members (Alderpersons Kennedy and Patrick Juliana) stated that, at the last common council meeting, the applicant withdrew his application. The vote on this application was 4 to 1, with Juliana voting against.

Fec’s Place (5523 – 6th Avenue) was approved unanimously for its application for a temporary outdoor area cabaret license for July 21, 2012.  The applicant, Carolyn Miller, stated that this license was being requested for a pig roast which has taken place for the past three years to benefit the 82nd All Airborne Division.  Alderperson Rocco LaMacchia stated that this event has been a great success in the past, and that it was very well run.  Knight clarified for Miller that the alcohol purchased in the bar stays in the bar, and the alcohol purchased in the outdoor extension must stay in that location.  Alcohol is not allowed in the street.

At the end of the meeting, Juliana invited citizens of the city and the 7th district, in particular, to a Neighborhood Watch meeting which will take place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 6th, at the Boys and Girls Club on 52nd Street.  Neighborhood Watch officers Jeff Wamboldt and Ron Francis will be in attendance, and will be available to sign up new Neighborhood Watch groups.

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