More liquor licenses approved

The heavy work load of the Licensing & Permit Committee is starting to wind down as the end of the annual licensing term is approaching.  The last three meetings have seen scads of license applications, many of which had to be corrected or completed before they could be considered.  The term expires on June 30th and, according to deputy city attorney Matt Knight, there are still two more establishments which have not applied for license renewals.

At last night’s meeting, the following items were acted upon:

  • Six new operator’s (bartender) licenses were approved, most of which were subject to demerit points; another was deferred.

  • Thirty-one renewal operator’s (bartender) licenses were approved, again, most of which were subject to demerit points; six carried a recommendation from the city attorney’s office to grant, subject to non-renewal revocation hearings.  These six were given the opportunity to correct and/or complete their applications before the next Common Council meeting, which will take place on Monday, June 18.  Also, the committee agreed to hold a special meeting at 6:45 pm on Monday, before the Common Council meeting, where these could be heard and acted upon, so that the applicants did not have a lapse in their license (because the following Common Council meeting wouldn’t take place until July 2nd, two days after the license expiration date).
  • Two new taxi driver’s licenses were approved; two were deferred.
  • Roosevelt Oil, 2710 Roosevelt Road, was unanimously approved for the renewal application of its retail beer license, subject to 80 demerit points.
  • Model Market, 2327 – 54th Street, was approved for the transfer of agent status on its retail beer license to a new agent.  Attorney Larry Keating appeared on behalf of the purchaser of the business which, he assured the committee, is an arm’s length transaction.
  • Interstate Dogs, 12120 -75th Street, was approved for its application for a Class “B” beer license, subject to 80 demerit points, based on the fact that the owner has violations at his other establishments.
  • The Red Iguana, 4814 Sheridan Road, was approved for its application  for a beer/liquor reserve license application, to be heard at the Common Council meeting on July 2, 2012.  The decision to defer the hearing to the second Common Council meeting in the future was made on the possibility that there may be available licenses at that time, and the applicant then would not have to purchase the reserve license for $10,000.

The following establishments were approved unanimously for their applications for Class “B” beer/”Class B” liquor licenses:

  • Ashling on the Lough, 125 – 56th Street;
  • Tenuta’s Italian Restaurant, 7321 – 60th Street;
  • Twisted Cuisine, 7546 Sheridan Road; and
  • Antonio’s Pizza & Pasta, 2410 – 52nd Street.

The following establishments were approved unanimously for their applications for Class “B” beer/”Class C” wine licenses:

  • Nick-N-Willy’s Pizza, 7435 – 117th Avenue;
  • Slice of NY Pizzeria, 5703 – 6th Avenue; and
  • Noodles & Company, 7224 – 120th Avenue.

Trolley Dogs, 5501 – 6th Avenue, was approved for an outdoor dining permit.

The application of Our Kenosha Tap, 3221 – 60th Street, for a yearly cabaraet license, was deferred to the next special meeting on June 18th.  It was determined that the applicant may want to withdraw his application; therefore, he was being given that opportunity before the next Common Council meeting.

The following establishments were approved for yearly cabaret licenses:

  • Stoneface, 4701 – 8th Avenue;
  • Denny’s Sports Den, 5521 Washington Road; and
  • Ashling on the Lough, 125 – 56th Street.

George’s Club Highview, 5305 – 60th Street, was approved for an outdoor area cabaret license for June 30, 2012.

Karen Griffin was approved for an amusement and recreation enterprise supervisor license (for Sheridan Lanes, 1120 – 80th Street).

My Way Cabs, 6011 – 29th Avenue, was approved for its taxicab permit.  Keno Cab, 5107 – 28th Avenue, was also approved, but subject to 25 demerit points.

The following establishments were approved for their towing license renewals:

  • Atlas Service Center, 5419 Washington Road;
  • Firehouse Performance, 4502 – 22nd Avenue;
  • Glasman Towing/Woodworth Garage, 8230 – 160th Avenue;
  • Jantz Auto Sales, 3405 Washington Road;
  • Jantz’s Yard 4 Auto, 2500 Washington Road;
  • Jantz Auto Towing, 3405 Washington Road; and
  • Jensen Towing, 5410 – 50th Street.

Alderperson Patrick Juliana asked the deputy police chief, Lewis Lindquist, if he could meet with him to discuss the fact that certain towing companies seem to be getting called more than others.  Lindquist assured Juliana that an evenly distributed rotation is used, and he also mentioned that the company is given a 20-minute time limit to respond.  Nevertheless, he agreed to sit down with Juliana to discuss the issue.

The following establishments were approved for their mobile homes license renewal applications:

  • Alpine Village, 8067 Sheridan Road;
  • Maple Lane Park, 8750 Sheridan Road;
  • Shorecrest Pointe, 8743 Sheridan Road;
  • Prairie Lake Estates, 8200 – 75th Street; and
  • Oakwood Mobile Home Community, 9002 Sheridan Road.

The application of Cassandra Brown for a pet fancier permit was unanimously approved.

The appeal of Sheldon Seichter regarding denial of his peddler license by the city clerk’s office was heard.  The committee voted unanimously to approve his application.

The proposed ordinance by Chairman Jesse Downing regarding demerit points assessed for Chapter XI violations of the Code of General Ordinances was approved unanimously.  To read more about this topic, click here:  Licensing & Permit Committee Approved 100-Point Demerit for Social Hosting.  Also, in that same article is a report of the discussion that the committee had on the demerit point system regarding bartender and liquor licenses.

Again, there will be a special meeting held on Monday, June 18, at 6:45 p.m., before the Common Council Meeting, to hear several items which were deferred from this meeting.

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