Transit Commission reviews downtown sign program

At yesterday afternoon’s Kenosha Transit Commission meeting, one of the agenda items was to discuss the downtown signage program.  A mock-up of a sign was presented which showed the proper font size for the speed limits near I-94.  As the speed limits decrease as drivers near the downtown area, the font sizes will also decrease.

Pictured above is the mock-up that was presented at the meeting.

Another agenda item discussed at the meeting was advertising on city buses.  Adam Smith, account executive from Image Management, provided the commissioners with a packet describing the revenue stream which has been provided to the city of Racine for this very idea.  The city receives 50% of the revenue generated.  Racine started this program in July of 2010, and in 2011, they received $42,375.  Thus far in 2012, they have received $17,400.

One commissioner, Steven Herr, voiced his opinion.  “I have a problem with this.  Even though it’s not wrapping the bus completely, I don’t think we should be turning buses into billboards.  Yes, this commission will have final approval over what advertising goes on the buses, but we have to consider the dignity of the riders.  I would like the money, but we have to draw the line somewhere.”

Shanon Molina, a new commissioner who replaced Jennifer Heim, brought up the fact that a little more than half of the revenue that the city would take in would have to be returned to the state because Kenosha accepts federal/state funding.  “I’d rather have people riding a billboard than not riding the bus at all.  We’ve already cut bus services.”

Chairman Eric Haugaard requested that some bus photos be provided to show the commission how Kenosha’s buses would look with the sculpted graphics that would be required.


Another discussion item centered around the proposed tenant for the Metra Station located at 5414 – 13th Avenue.  Apparently, Jack’s Cozy Cafe is looking for investors.  The chairman wanted the commission to decide how long they were willing to wait for Jack’s to gather funds.  They have already had 45 days to get started.  The second tenant in line for the bid project was Bull & Bear. It was decided to inform Jack’s that a decision was going to be made at the next meeting and, in the meantime, to allow the Bull & Bear time to review the lease specifications.


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