Kenosha Public Museums are “Travel Green Wisconsin Destinations”

A couple of months ago, the Kenosha Public Museums audited their operations in terms of sustainability and filled out an application to be certified by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism as a Travel Green Wisconsin Destination.

Good news!  They had enough ecological practices, and they were notified that their application was a success.

They are now a part of the sustainable travel movement, which is becoming more the norm than the exception. Having Travel Green certification will bring more people to their doors, and they will be advertised as such on their web site.

To earn green certification, applicants work their way through the Travel Green Wisconsin application.  The first step is determining the baseline environmental performance assessment.  The baseline collects information about the amount of energy, fuel, water, and solid waste that the business consumed during the last calendar year.  Most of this information can be found by contacting the local utility company.  Next, applicants commit to sustainable green business practices found within the Travel Green Wisconsin application.

These green practices include:

  • Communication and Education (Customers, Employees, Public)
  • Waste Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling
  • Energy Efficiency, Conservation, and Management
  • Water Conservation and Waste Water Management
  • Air Quality
  • Wildlife and Landscape Conservation and Management
  • Transportation
  • Purchasing
  • Local Community Benefits

Applicants submit an annual fee to participate in the program.  An annual renewal is required to remain Travel Green Wisconsin-certified.

To create a green program comprehensive enough to be relevant across the diverse tourism industry, Travel Green Wisconsin decided to allow participants to be “ecopreneurial” and adopt the green practices that make the most sense for their operation.

“This comes at a great time,” said Dan Joyce, director of the Kenosha Public Museums.  “In October, the Kenosha Public Museum starts the ‘Sustainable Shelter’ exhibit.”  For more information on this exhibit, click here:  Sustainable Shelter:  Dwelling Within the Forces of Nature.

In the spirit of Wisconsin’s deep heritage of environmental stewardship, the Department of Tourism initiated Travel Green Wisconsin in 2006 to promote smart, environmentally friendly business practices. The program is the first state-sponsored sustainable travel green certification program in the nation and has become a model for sustainable travel efforts both nationally and internationally. As more and more travelers like you look to make your life a little greener, we hope you’ll appreciate and support the tourism businesses that are working hard to reduce their own environmental impact.

For more information on Travel Green Wisconsin, click here:  Travel Green Wisconsin.


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