Kenosha Comets got cooked 23-3

The Kenosha Comets

Earlier this afternoon, the girls’ baseball weekend continued with a re-creation of an All American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) game as the Kenosha Comets took on the Rockford Peaches in the field just east of the Kenosha Public Museum.  The girls played for two hours.

The Rockford Peaches

Eighty-six year old Kenosha native Joyce Westerman threw out the first pitch.

Popcorn and beverages were available for purchase.

The women of the WWII Girls Baseball Living History League honor the women of the AAGPBL by playing recreational competitive softball games throughout the Midwest.  The teams played the game as it was played by the AAGPBL during their first season in 1943, with underhand windmill pitching and a 12″ softball.

Continue reading for some additional photos:

At the end of the 5th inning, the Peaches were leading 18-3.

After the end of the fifth inning, the Kenosha Comet catcher called all the children out onto the field for a lap around the bases.  Watch what happened next:

A few more photos of the end of the game:

The final score was 23-3.

Westerman played for eight years in the All American Baseball League, depicted in the movie “A League of Their Own.”  She grew up during the Depression, worked at Nash Motors, played baseball and more.  Westerman’s “can do” attitude in sports and life remains an inspiration for all of us.

At the end of the game, Nancy Mathews, head of education at the Kenosha Public Museum, invited everyone to visit the museum and view the Reggie Jackson and the 500 Club’s baseball exhibit.  Click here for an article on this exhibit:  Reggie Jackson Exhibit at the Kenosha Public Museum.

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