Dinosaur Discovery Museum’s 6th birthday party tomorrow


The Dinosaur Discovery Museum (DDM) is celebrating its sixth birthday with a party from 1 to 4 pm tomorrow afternoon.  The museum is located at 5608 Tenth Avenue, in Kenosha.

Party guests will play Mesozoic party games, like Pin the Tail on the Anklosaurus, Triceratops Ring-Toss, and Tyrannosaurus Tag.  They will also be able to create dinosaur birthday crafts.

Admission is free.  For more information, call:  (262) 653-4450, or log on at www.DinosaurDiscoveryMuseum.org.

This party is going to be DinO-MiTe!


In other news at the museum, today, DDM employees today unloaded several thousand dinosaur bones that will be kept there for display and research.

Most of the specimens were fragments, but there were about two dozen large pieces, some more than 300 pounds, from at least two skulls of the dinosaur triceratorps, which lived about 65 million years ago.

The relics were dug up in Montana by a group from the Carthage College Institute of Paleontology during a visit there in July and August.  Some will return on Sunday.

College professors take a group of volunteers there every summer as a way to boost the museum’s collection.

The large bone pieces were covered in foil, plaster of Paris and burlap as a way to protect them during transport.

DDM employees Jerry McRae, left, of facilities and maintenance, and Nick Wiersum, curator of education, unload a wrapped triceratops bone today at the museum. The specimen and thousands of others brought to the museum were excavated in Montana during the past month by local participants. Some of the 65 million-year-old bones will be on display at the museum while most will be used for research. (Kenosha News photo by John Krerowicz).

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