KAA event at the Southport Beach House

The Jill Plaisted Band

The Kenosha Arts Association (KAA) presented the BeExposed! to the Arts at the Southport Beach House earlier this evening.  BeExposed! was supporting the Southport Beach House awareness effort, and hosting their August Third Friday’s event at the Kenosha landmark.

Trayvon Winters greeted guests at the door with his guitar and a spiritual poem put to music.

More music was provided by the Jill Plaisted Band.  Here is a short video clip of one of their songs:

Tiny dancers provided more entertainment.  Watch this cute video:

Photographer Margaret Heller’s “365 Days on the Lakeshore” created an ongoing visual backdrop during the evening’s events.  Here are a few of Heller’s photographs, which are breathtaking:

Plus, 14-year-old Emalee Kramer, who has published her very first book, Branded, was on hand to sign copies.

There were refreshments provided as well.  Spring rolls, rice and pulled pork were served.  Donations were gratefully accepted to support the KAA and their programs and the beach house; admission, as usual, was free.

It was certainly very nice to meet some of our very talented local artists, and support the Southport Beach House at the same time.

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  • Carole says:

    Nice article Margie, as usual. And really quick this time. You are fast!

  • At about 8:00 p.m. I looked over the crowd and noticed a couple groups of teenage boys. One group was watching the photo slide show of the Lake and another was sitting on chairs watching and listening to the band. Now isn’t that what it is all supposed to be about? – kids on their bikes out for a Friday night ride and suddenly being “exposed to the arts”. Great job Francisco Loyola!

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