Update on dream playground

At last night’s Common Council meeting, Tammy Conforti gave an update on the Kenosha Dream Playground Project.  During the Citizens’ Comments portion of the meeting, Conforti said that she met with the mayor last week, and he fully endorsed the project.  She said that his words were, “This is no problem.  We can get this done.  Meet with Mr. Jeff Warnock (parks superintendent) to get the details.”

She was ecstatic that a non-profit partnership had been forged with the Kenosha Achievement Center (KAC).  They are adding a link to their website.   “We met yesterday, and this will be presented at their board meeting at the end of September.  Then, donations can start being sent to our tax-exempt account.”  Conforti said that she also met with Warnock to review locations.  Conforti showered accolades on Warnock.  “I want to publicly thank Mr. Warnock.  He was so helpful, so patient with me, and open-minded.” She was also happy to report that their first donation of $500 had been received.

A meeting with Michele Hancock, the Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD) superintendent, and Sue Valeri, director of special education, also resulted in endorsements.  Conforti was happy about that because she works for the district.

She was sporting her “spirit shirt,” which read, “Can We Build It?  Yes, We Can,” and invited everyone to come out this Sunday, September 9th, for the play date in Port Washington.  For more details on this event, please click here:  Play Date Invite.

Conforti said, “Even though the Packers are playing, we are still going to be there.  I called the recreation department there, and they are happy to have us.  Look for the pavilion with the slogan banner for snacks.  There is also a Kenosha Dream Playground Playdate Facebook event page.  TV stations have also been notified.  If you go, the vision of the playground will be stuck in your head.  If you can’t go on Sunday, please go another day.”

Community meetings will be held soon to start forming committees.  A calendar of events will be created, as well as a traveling booth.  Multiple media entities have been notified.  Conforti thanked Matt Olson of the Kenosha News for his articles.  She is gathering endorsement statements for her portfolio.

Her closing statement was, “A community that embraces, engages, and invests in its children embraces, engages and invests in its future.”

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