Playdate in Port Washington

Here is a picture from the Kenosha Dream Playground Project play date, which took place in Port Washington yesterday.  Alderperson Scott Gordon (11th district) said, “Today I visited Possibility Playground in Port Washington.  I would like to thank Tammy Conforti for giving my family and I a very insightful detailed tour of the park.  I am now even more committed to see a playground like this here in Kenosha.”

Conforti is the spearhead behind the project for Kenosha.  She is pictured at the far right of the photo above.  Her comments were:  “We had a great day! The weather was warm, but not too bad. A special thank you goes out to everyone who took time out of their busy lives and spent the day with us. The kids all had a blast. Not very many people came, which is sad. I guess setting up the DVR didn’t sound like a good idea. Oh well, the playground is not going anywhere, so if you feel like taking an hour and 20 minute ride, you can go see it. Well worth it.  Port Washington is so beautiful. The playground is very near the lake. Those of you that were there now have the same dream as me stuck in their heads.”

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Here are some other pictures of handicapped accessible playgrounds:

Conforti is planning some community meetings in the near future, and would appreciate the assistance of anyone interested in promoting this project.

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  • I am so happy you had a chance to see and enjoy the playground that the community of Port Washington built so that every child of every ability can play together. Mardy and I are thrilled that our dream became a reality and we hope yours will too! Good luck and enjoy the process. We still enjoy just spending some time at the playground and watching, listening and smiling as all the children play together. Best wishes to all of you and please feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

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