Proposed Pleasant Prairie village budget has 0% levy increase

Pleasant Prairie released the following statement regarding the proposed village budget for 2013, which calls for a 0 percent tax levy increase:

During a Monday, October 15th meeting, Pleasant Prairie staff presented the proposed 2013 budget to the Village Board. The budget, as presented, maintains the 2013 municipal tax levy at $9,191,482, with no increase over the 2012 levy. With no increase in the 2013 levy, the Village portion of the property tax bill for a median assessed home in Pleasant Prairie is expected to decrease by 4.71% or $40.

Pleasant Prairie has historically received approximately 20% of a Pleasant Prairie resident’s property tax payment. For a median valued home in the Village, this will equate to approximately $810 during 2013. The median assessed value for a home in Pleasant Prairie has declined to $188,000 in 2013 from $211,900 in 2012.

“A strong commercial and industrial base in Pleasant Prairie is helping our residential taxpayers,” explained Mike Pollocoff, Village Administrator in Pleasant Prairie. During 2013, commercial and industrial property taxpayers in Pleasant Prairie will pay for a larger portion of the tax levy, about 43%, while residential property taxpayers will support approximately 57% of the levy. Pollocoff added, “Not only will commercial and industrial taxpayers support a larger percentage of the tax base in 2013, the Village anticipates that building permits for new commercial and industrial construction will generate additional revenue during 2013.”

The municipal tax levy is the dollar amount to be collected through the property tax in order to cover expenses for providing municipal services in the community. A home’s assessed value is then used to calculate a homeowner’s share of responsibility for the tax levy. “The Village has a history of providing high quality services with a lean budget through efficient and innovative processes,” explained Pollocoff. “We’re doing our best to continue this tradition for our residents in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.”

A hearing related to the 2013 budget has been planned for Monday, November 19th, at 6 pm at the Pleasant Prairie Village Hall (9915 – 39th Avenue).  Information related to the 2013 proposed budget is available at under the Assessments & Taxes/Finance Department tab.

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