Pleasant Prairie advises voluntary evacuation for part of village due to storm effects

The village of Pleasant Prairie has identified a part of the village as an area for voluntary evacuation of homes due to the effects of dangerous high waves on Lake Michigan as well as accompanying high winds expected Tuesday as a result of Hurricane Sandy’s westward movement.

Here is the entire press release from the village:
The National Weather Service is advising that dangerous high waves of 14 to 18 feet are anticipated along the Lake Michigan shoreline beginning Monday night and continuing through Tuesday night. The highest waves are expected near the Illinois border. Windy conditions with strong gusts are also expected. The Village has identified the area south of 95th Street and east of the Metra rail where the elevation is near or below 595 feet as an area that is subject to flooding and damage from the high waves. Areas abutting the four creeks that drain to Lake Michigan have also been identified as primary areas subject to flooding and damage from this event. Water from this event is expected to run inland along the creeks. The Village is advising a voluntary evacuation of homes in the area south of 95th Street and east of 3rd Avenue due to the dangerous high waves and subsequent flooding. It is advised that residents protect or move property and belongings and evacuate the area described above before 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 29. The Village is making sandbags available to residents in this area to assist in preparing for water flowing inland from Lake Michigan both along the shore and along the tributaries to Lake Michigan. To acquire sandbags, residents will find village personnel at the north end of 5th Avenue and 90th Street. Residents should locate the personnel at this location and give them their name and address. Staff will load sandbags into their vehicle or onto a village trailer and transport them to the address. Residents will be responsible for placing the sandbags on their own property. Personnel will be circulating an advisory notice door-to-door in the impacted area listing emergency contact numbers. Emergency contact numbers will also be posted to Emergency and Public Works personnel will be stationed in the lakeshore area throughout the duration of this severe weather event.

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