Pleasant Prairie cancels flood advisory

/Earlene Frederick photo

As of 4:52 p.m., Pleasant Prairie has cancelled its flood advisory for the Lake Michigan shoreline area of the village:

Here’s the full press release from the village:

The National Weather Service has indicated that the peak period for potential dangerous high waves along the Lake Michigan shoreline in southeastern Wisconsin has passed. Based on revised projections for peak wave heights, the village has cancelled the flood advisory for the lakeshore area in Pleasant Prairie. An emergency operations center that had been activated to manage any impacts from potential flooding has been shut down. The village will staff a temporary sandbagging site for residents at the north end of 5th Avenue and 90th Street until 6:00 pm.

Staff will begin the process of collecting sandbags from residents’ homes on Wednesday. “The severity of the weather situation over Lake Michigan has dissipated, and we’ve wound down our emergency management operations,” explained Village Administrator Mike Pollocoff. “We have been incredibly fortunate that the waves coming ashore didn’t reach the levels that were initially projected. At this point, it appears that we have escaped this event with little to no damage or flooding.”

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