Pleasant Prairie changes evacuation advisory to flood advisory

From Kenosha County Emergency Management:

The village of Pleasant Prairie is changing their evacuation advisory from 95th Street south to the Wisconsin/Illinois state line East of 3rd Avenue to a flood advisory from 110th Street south to the Wisconsin/Illinois state line East of 2nd Avenue. This change is due to lower than expected waves along the shoreline to this point. Sullivan weather has updated their forecast calling for waves of 4 to 8 feet along shore this afternoon and gradually diminishing on Wednesday. Approximately 3,000 sand bags have been filled and distributed. More sand bags are still being filled in case they are needed. No flooding or property damage has been reported at this time.

Here is Pleasant Prairie’s statement:

 The National Weather Service has been monitoring activity over Lake Michigan and has revised its projection for the peak height of waves downward from 18 feet to, most recently, 12 feet. The impact to the Lake Michigan shoreline in Pleasant Prairie is now expected to be less severe than originally anticipated, and waves are expected to reach their peak height this afternoon between approximately 12:30 and 2:00 p.m.

Based on the most recent information from the National Weather Service, the village is revising a voluntary evacuation advisory down to a flood advisory and reducing the involved area to south of 110th Street and east of 2nd Avenue. The village is still advising that residents in this area protect or move property and belongings to a higher level, if they have not already done so. Areas abutting the four creeks that drain to Lake Michigan remain identified as primary areas subject to flooding and damage from this event. The village will continue to make sandbags available to residents in this area until 6:00 pm.

To acquire sandbags, residents will find village personnel at the north end of 5th Avenue and 90th Street. Residents should locate the personnel at this location and give them their name and address. Staff will load sandbags into their vehicle or onto a village trailer and transport them to the address. Residents will be responsible for placing the sandbags on their own property. Personnel will continue to monitor the area throughout the evening and into Wednesday morning.

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