EMS billing

The Public Safety & Welfare Committee met on Monday night to discuss items referred to them, and to review the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for the Department of Community Development and Inspections.

The committee unanimously approved the first amendment to the agreement for professional services emergency medical service user fee billing services by and between the city and EMS Medical Billing Associates, LLC. Carol Stancato, the city’s finance director, stated that the city is going to begin using a new collection agency, which will help expand collections to the state’s Tax Refund Interception Program (TRIP). This is an added feature that should bring in more revenue. Eric Keifer from EMS Medical Billing said that there is $3 million ready to go to the TRIP program for the upcoming tax season. He expects that 10 to 12% of that amount will be collected. This is the amount that has accumulated since 2003. Every year will not have this large of an amount. Standard collections are approximately $800,000/year, with approximately $37,000 being collected. He said that he hopes to increase that to from $50,000 to $55,000/year. Alderperson Michael Orth wanted to know if this was included in this year’s budget, and Stancato said that it was partially included. She stated that she will go back and review it.

The committee also unanimously approved the request to designate two on-street handicapped parking spaces on the north side of 35th Street east of Sheridan Road. Staff recommended approval for a 90-day trial. Mike Lemens, the city’s public works director, said that this request was received from the alderperson of the district on behalf of the nursing home. Visitors’ access is the issue. Orth wanted to know if the next request was going to be to pave the law area and remove the tree, but Lemens replied that he doesn’t anticipate such a request.

The CIP review yielded no changes. Frank Pacetti, city administrator, said that the budgeted amount is the same as in past years.

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