Liquor licenses ruled on at Common Council meeting

The Common Council ruled last night on the findings of fact, conclusions of law, and recommendations for four establishments:

  • The roll call vote was unanimously in favor in the matter of the bartender license of Anthony Corrao.  The recommendation was to suspend the license for 30 days, notify the employer of the suspension, and reinstate the license subject to 45 demerit points.
  • The roll call vote was 13 to 3 to approve the renewal of the liquor license of Bragados Banquets subject to 80 demerit points.  Those alderpersons voting against were Alderpersons Kevin Mathewson, Steve Bostrom, and David Bogdala.

  • The roll call vote was 11 to 5 to refer the matter back to the Licensing & Permit Committee in the matter of the Rendezvous Tiki Lounge.  The recommendation had been to suspend both the combination beer/liquor license and the outdoor extension license for a period of 15 consecutive days and reinstate the licenses subject to 80 demerit points.  However, Ray Misner (former alderperson of the 13th district) spoke on behalf of the licensee.  Misner introduced himself as representing the licensee as the head of the Licensing and Community Standards Consultants of Wisconsin, LLC.  The licensee was also present at the meeting.  Misner admitted that mistakes were made, but he was hoping that the Common Council would show some flexibility and begin the suspension on December 1st, and only close the establishment on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, so as not to impact the business for a long period of time.  Misner said that he hoped the Council could balance the efforts of protecting the community and supporting the business.

Alderperson Anthony Kennedy stated that he was not supporting the deferral back to the committee.  During the revocation hearing, the licensee appeared without counsel, now “they are doing an end-around after the hearing.”  He inquired of Steve Cain, the Licensing & Permit Committee”s attorney, as to the maximum recommendation.  The suspension could have been from 10 to 90 days, as much as a revocation, and as little as doing nothing.  “Now,” Kennedy said, “they are asking for consideration at this late date.  I find that in poor form, and galling.  I’m voting down the deferral, and accepting the findings.”  Those voting against the referral were Alderpersons Jan Michalski, Rocco LaMacchia, Anthony Kennedy, Scott Gordon, and Curt Wilson.

At the end of the meeting, during the Alderpersons’ Comments portion of the meeting, Kennedy again said that to consider this revocation again was “appalling.  Ray Misner, the former chairman of the Licensing and Permits Committee, would never allow this to go through.  They deliberated long and thoughtfully on this issue.  Why have committees?  Abolish them, because we’re doing it all here.  And, Mr, Cain said there was no additional cost.  I disagree.  There is a cost.  We are setting a bad precedent.  And, I hope it doesn’t continue.”

  • The roll call vote was 14 to 2 to to approve the renewal of the liquor license of the Bull & Bear Eatery & Tavern subject to 80 demerit points.  Those alderpersons voting against were Alderpersons Steve Bostrom and David Bogdala.

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