Kenosha dream playground project receives approval

At the Common Council meeting this past Monday night, the Council unanimously approved to direct the parks division superintendent to provide plan options for a full-accessibility play area for children.  The Parks Commission had unanimously approved this item at an earlier meeting.

Tammy Conforti, the person spearheading the project, spoke during the Citizens’ Comments portion of the meeting.  She said that they have been able to make two partnerships thus far:  with the city of Kenosha, and with the Kenosha Achievement Center.

She stated that, at the last Parks Commission meeting, it was stated that citizens shouldn’t have to fund the project; the city should pay for it.  This was to ease the burden on the city’s budget, plus create pride and ownership, and reduce vandalism. She wanted everyone to understand that she has received total support.  She is not being made to raise money.  She wanted to.  “It’s a project ear and dear to my heart, and I will not allow it to be used negatively,” said Conforti.

Alderperson Kevin Mathewson said that he applauds the efforts of the committee to raise private funds.  If the project comes up short, he urged the city to proceed with their own funds.  “If the city can find the $750,000 for a baseball park, then they should be able to help with this project, too,” he said.

Alderperson Scott Gordon said that this will give Conforti the teeth needed to raise funds.  He confirmed that she was never told by the city or the Common Council to go out and do it.  “It is her dream/vision, and it needs unanimous support today,” he said.  “I’m confident she’ll raise the money on her own.”

The city’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) calls for putting $500,000 toward the construction of the park in 2016, with half of those funds being raised privately.  No site has been chosen for the accessible playground, but Conforti has said she would like to see the playground near the lakefront museums and splash park.

They are holding a pasta and meatball dinner on Sunday, December 9th, from 12 noon to 6 pm. All proceeds will benefit the project.  Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children under 10. The event will be held at the Kenosha Moose Lodge, 3003 – 30th Avenue, in Kenosha. Tickets can be purchased in advance by calling Jaime Forsythe at (262) 697-1077. Tickets will also be sold at the door.

There will be silent auction items, and Kenosha Dream Playground official t-shirts will be on sale.  If you would like to donate any items for the raffle, please call the number above.

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  • Village Idiot says:

    Let it be known that I support this project. Seems perfectly reasonable. I hope it gets the funds it needs and it turns into a beautiful place for years to come.

    Here’s my issue with this article:

    “She stated that, at the last Parks Commission meeting, it was stated that citizens shouldn’t have to fund the project; the city should pay for it.”

    I don’t know who made this incredibly ignorant statement, but REALLY?? Where exactly does this person think the city gets money to fund projects??

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