Stocker Elementary veterans’ day observance

Stocker Elementary School’s Singing Sharks Choir

This morning at Stocker Elementary School, 6315 – 67th Street, a veteran’s day observance was held.  April Nelson, the school’s principal, welcomed everyone.  The pledge of allegiance was led by Stocker second graders:  Sara Ward, Emma Oplawski, Lindy Snyder, Madelyn Wilson, Toby Bennet, Joey Ciardo, Lauren Andrews, Aidan Habel, Nora Mena, Kiannah Wierzchowski, Ja’Daeyah O’Bryant-Murray, and Tegan Peura.

Then, the Stocker Singing Sharks Choir sang “Free Like Me,” by Teresa Jennings, under the direction of Betty Peterson.  Click below to hear this very inspiring song:

Speakers included Ria Patel, Seth Kuzelka, Naya Hemphill, Artaysia Neal-Gomez, Summer Gray, Madison Mathey, and Abby Flores.  Two girls, Hope Hrnciar and Samantha Ryan, recited the poem, “The Bravest Man I Know,” by Amanda Whitney.  Mrs. Fisher, a fifth grade teacher, gave the message. She asked for the veterans’ participation by having them stand up when the branches of the armed services they served under were mentioned, the continents they served on, and the wars they served in.

Then, a special presentation of the World War II Victory Medal was given to George Michel, who is the father of Barbara Lentz, one of Stocker’s second grade teachers.  He was not aware of this, and many members of Lentz’s family were in attendance also.  He has been an exemplary veteran for Stocker students over the years.  It was a thrill for all of them to take part in this celebration of his service.

Pictured in the center is George Michel (in green with his right hand up), who received the World War II Victory Medal 65 years late.

Kindergarten students made thank you cards to hand out at the end of the program.

Kindergarten students handing veterans their thank-you cards. wishes to thank all veterans for their service.

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