“Yellow Concert” put smiles on faces

Tonight, Christopher LeMark and co-producer Jeffrey Wamboldt hosted a free concert which took place at the Boys & Girls Club, located at 1330 – 52nd Street.  It was called the “Yellow Concert,” because there were yellow smiley faces posted on the walls and yellow balloon bouquets placed around the Madrigrano Stage for the Performing Arts.  Most of the performers were also dressed in yellow shirts.  The intent of the concert was to make people smile and know that they are children of God.

Here’s Artemus, opening the concert:

Here’s a very talented young man by the name of Mannie:

And, three very talented dancers, Malcom, Artemus, and Mario:

The history of YELLOW has been associated with good cheer and happiness. YELLOW brings out the best characteristics in people that cause them to be happy, creative and artistic. The YELLOW Concert helps local communities alike to focus on youth development through happy, creative, and artistic music messages by Christopher LeMark and local artists of the selected community.

Christopher LeMark created this movement to give hope to his local community in and around the Chicago land area. Communities are spreading the word and The YELLOW Concert is becoming a phenomenon. Christopher LeMark’s vision is to create YELLOW Centers around the world that will be a safe haven of hope for our youth to express their happy, creative, and artistic hearts.

According to LeMark, “Yellow” will return in the springtime for a block party.

For more information about LeMark, click here:  http://iamchristopherlemark.com/.

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