Bragados Banquets on tap for revocation of cabaret license

At a Licensing & Permit Committee meeting held last Friday, on November 9th, a complaint was heard which was filed by Police Chief John Morrissey against the establishment, Bragados Banquets, located at 4820 – 75th Street, in Kenosha.  Most recently, there was an issue which precipitated this complaint, early on Sunday morning, October 28th.

There was a police chase, shots fired in the parking lot, bleeding, at least two injured persons, broken glass inside the building, loaded guns, gang and drug activity, and complete chaos.  The crowd was a little less than 400 people that night.  Apparently, it was a planned gun shooting in retaliation for another shooting that took place in Waukegan.  There were 16 of 18 Kenosha police officers that responded to the incident that night, plus 5 officers from the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department, an additional two from Pleasant Prairie, and three Kenosha Fire Department rescue squads.

Matt Knight, assistant city attorney, provided documentation on incidents that took place in September and October, and he questioned witnesses from the Kenosha Police Department (KPD).  He stated that this business is putting a strain on the third shift of the KPD.  At the meeting, testimony was received from members of the Kenosha Police Department, Lieutenant Joe Gemignani, Officer Daniel Bandi, Sergeant John DeMario, Officer Erich Weidner, and Officer David Yandel.  The officers stated that they had not experienced a closing similar to the one that night.  One arrest for disorderly conduct had been made.  The reason that there were not more arrests was the overwhelming concern for officer safety.

At a previous meeting of the Licensing & Permit Committee held the following day, on Monday, October 29th, Morrissey first spoke of the problems at this establishment.  To read this article, click here:  “Licensing & Permit Committee Defers New Ordinance Change.”

The licensee, Marcos Mendez, and his attorney, talked about the fact that the cabaret license had been suspended.  He was concerned because he had an event scheduled for the following night, Saturday, November 10th.  Mendez said that he had a different crowd clientele coming that night.  He was hoping that he could still operate during the administrative suspension.

After all of the testimony had been heard, Alderperson Patrick Juliana moved that the committee adjourn until Monday, November 12th, at 3 pm.  The committee voted 3 to 1 to adjourn.  Alderperson Anthony Kennedy voted against the adjournment.

According to Chairman Jesse Downing, at the meeting on Monday, after the licensee presented their case for an hour, the committee deliberated.  It was unanimously recommended by the committee that the cabaret license be suspended for 90 days retroactive to the date of the administrative suspension.  This has nothing to do with the establishment’s liquor license.  This recommendation now goes to the Common Council for action.

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