Speedway called in front of Licensing & Permit Committee

The Licensing & Permit Committee met yesterday.  One of the agenda items included a discussion of the conduct of patrons and persons at the Speedway gas station, located at 5959 – 75th Street.  Chairman Jesse Downing stated that there have been 75 police calls to or around the Speedway that have come from the store.  Rita Trimmel, district manager for Speedway, and Carla Sappington, store manager, were present in front of the committee to discuss the situation.

Downing was concerned over the excessive police manpower at Speedway.  “There have been 75 to 80 calls, plus an alarm call, which ended up being a false alarm.”  Downing said that Speedway employees met with the Kenosha Police Tavern Squad, and basically ignored the suggestions given, like closing 15 fifteen minutes after Bragados Banquets let out, or having additional employees on staff at that time.

“Patrons from Bragados Banquets come to the gas station after the tavern closes, and buy their liquor, etc.  You use our police department as a private security firm, while you reap the rewards.  As chairman of the Licensing & Permit Committee, I can’t tolerate that.  Since the cabaret license was suspended, it’s toned down a bit.  But I don’t want to see the police there at the time of close.  Between now and when they get their license back, I suggest that you talk with the Tavern Squad and the police department.”

Trimmel apologized, and said that some of these suggestions have already been discussed with Sappington.  They will meet with their staff and discuss when to call the police.  They promised to handle things better internally.  They will instruct their employees not to use the panic button unless they are being robbed.  They will instead use the non-emergency police number, which they said is posted.


Other actions taken at the meeting included:

  • The approval of five new operator’s (bartender) licenses; one was deferred to the next meeting; and one was denied.
  • The approval of two new taxi driver’s licenses; four were deferred to the next meeting to allow time for the applicants to prepare their supporting documentation.
  • L&M Meats, Inc., was granted a third extension of 90 days to maintain their beer/liquor license, since they have not been open within 90 days of obtaining that license.  Alderperson Chris Schwartz, whose district includes the building purchased earlier this year, said that the business has had some setbacks.  “They are working hard on redoing the whole building, and they assured me that they feel that this will be the last extension required.”  They purchased the former Polish League of American Veterans Post 34 and intended to expand its catering operations there.
  • The approval of three secondhand article dealer licenses:  A Vintage Vault, located at 3816 Roosevelt Road; Suburban Ore, located at 627 – 58th Street; and Goldmax – Cash for Gold, located at 3824 Roosevelt Road.
  • The approval of 13 renewal applications for secondhand dealer licenses:  Forever Grateful, located at 5000 – 7th Avenue; Antiques Revival, located at 6826 Sheridan Road; Patchez Ladies & Gents Consignment Shop, located at 6215 – 22nd Avenue; Colosseum Games, located at 5719 – 75th Street; JB Coins/Collectibles, located at 6040 – 39th Avenue; Music Go Round, located at 7310 Green Bay Road; CD DVD Game Warehouse, located at 3717 – 80th Street; 52nd Gold Exchange, located at 1341 – 52nd Street; Gold Diamond & Design, located at 10320 – 75th Street, Suite B; Westown Foods & Liquor, located at 3203 – 60th Street; Roosevelt Road Antiques & Consignments, located at 3720 Roosevelt Road; Monica’s Thrift Shop, located at 1916 – 52nd Street; and Jewelry & Electronics Exchange, located at 6212 – 22nd Avenue.
  • The approval of eight kennel and pet shop renewal licenses:  Jo’s Exotic Birds, located at 7534 Sheridan Road; Jim’s Aquarium & Pets, located at 6205 – 75th Street; Petco, located at 6910 Green Bay Road; Puppy Tub & Motel, located at 2419 – 52nd Street; Central Bark Doggy Day Care, located at 7600 – 75th Street, Suite 202; Puparotzi Palace, located at 7609 Sheridan Road; Kindred Kitties, located at 614 – 59th Street; and Safe Harbor Humane Society, located at 7811 – 60th Street.
  • The approval of two pet fancier permits:  Cassandra F. Brown; and Tina Mitchell.

The proposed ordinance sponsored by Alderperson Jesse Downing, and co-sponsored by Alderperson Patrick Juliana, to repeal and recreate a subsection of the code of general ordinances for the city regarding disciplinary hearings, was deferred to allow time for deputy city attorney Matt Knight to make a slight wording change.  He said that he felt it needed more limiting language than the Milwaukee general code which it was patterned after.  Knight thought that he could have it ready for a special meeting to take place on Monday before the Common Council meeting.

The committee met for a short time in closed session regarding the complaint by the city clerk seeking revocation of the taxi driver’s license of Charles Ulrich.  The applicant was not present, and the committee decided to suspend the license for 90 days and then reinstate with 60 demerit points.

The committee then met for a short time in closed session regarding the findings of fact, conclusions of law, and recommendation in the matter of the bartender license of Joan Marie Eckert.  She claimed she received her license through the mail, that she was never subpoenaed, and was not aware that her license was up for a revocation hearing.   The committee decided not to accept the first findings of fact, conclusions of law, and recommendation, and instead voted to suspend her license for 30 days, and restore it with 25 demerit points.  New findings of fact, conclusions of law, and a recommendation will be re-drafted, and she will be asked to appear again before the committee in early January, and it will then go the Common Council in mid-January.

The findings of fact, conclusions of law, and recommendation on the retail beer license for the Shell Food Plaza, located at 11748 – 75th Street, were upheld by the committee.  The committee recommended revoking the license last month for the accumulation of 120 demerit points over a two-year period based on four citations of selling alcohol to a minor.  The Common Council will take final action on the license next week.

Ray Misner, a consultant for the business, said that the previous agent for the license was no longer with the company, which Misner felt could change the status of this license.  “It would be our intent to challenge this at the council level, given the fact that the points and everything associated with the case refers to the previous agent,” he said.

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