Kenosha artist’s work debuts on national TV program


Katie Dylewski (photo courtesy of Joe Barr)

Back in November, we reported on a Kenosha artist who had created an incredibly detailed painting of TV personality Anderson Cooper.  Katie Dylewski usually works with with oil paints and sometimes watercolors, but a while back, she decided to try experimenting with a different medium: brewed coffee.  Dylewski had created a whole series of coffee-painted work before getting the idea to paint a portrait of Cooper, after watching his TV show, “Anderson Live”, this past summer.

The Cooper portrait was part of a show that Dylewski had at the Pollard Gallery in downtown Kenosha in September, and a photograph of the painting was included in a Kenosha News story.   Unbeknownst to Dylewski, a local resident saw the News’ photo and “tweeted” about it on Twitter, “CC-ing” the “Anderson Live” show.  After seeing the Twitter post, it only took about an hour for the show’s producers to contact Dylewski and interview her about the portrait, asking if she would be willing to ship it to them to possibly be featured on the show.

After sending the painting to them using overnight delivery, Dylewski was on pins and needles, waiting for word that it would appear on the show.  Producers had originally told her that Cooper might talk with her live, via Skype.  After not hearing back from them for weeks on end, Dylewski got a surprise phone call, telling her that the painting was going to appear on January 3rd’s morning show.  While she wasn’t able to speak to Cooper live, he and guest co-host Melissa Joan Hart did spend a few minutes showing the painting and talking about it.  Congratulations, Katie!
Here’s some video including the segment on Cooper’s show about the portrait:

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