Kenosha Engine Plant II

More pictures were taken yesterday at the former Chrysler Kenosha Engine Plant, 5555 – 30th Avenue.  Most of the newest building is down now.  These pictures were taken off 60th Street:

KEP 2 002_opt

KEP 2 001_opt

KEP 2 003_opt

KEP 2 004_opt

KEP 2 005_opt

KEP 2 006_opt

These two are of the water tower on the south side of 60th Street:

KEP 2 007_opt

KEP 2 008_opt

More from 60th Street:

KEP 2 009_opt

KEP 2 010_opt

KEP 2 011_opt

KEP 2 012_opt

These last two pictures were taken from 52nd Street:

KEP 2 013_opt

KEP 2 014_opt

To read an article and see pictures from a couple of weeks ago, click here:  Demolition Begins at KEP.

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